The Role of Yearly Dental Visits in Prevention

The Role of Yearly Dental Visits in Prevention | HealthSoul

The Benefits of Annual Dental Visits

The American Dental Association recommends each individual visit the dentist once a year. This visit should include regular cleaning and inspection. It may seem like you only need to go to the dentist when you have an issue. However, here are a few reasons why you should make annual visits.

Prevents Long-Term Issues

A lot of long-term dental issues occur due to negligence. A small problem can become a bigger problem over time. In some instances, you can have problems, and without pain that might normally alert you. By regularly visiting your dentist they can detect these issues through x-rays and an oral exam. By doing this, they will able to diagnose any current dental issue you may have while also preventing those appearing on the horizon

Avoids More Expensive Dental Services

A small cavity can be a pretty cheap fix and may even be covered by your dental insurance. (Be sure to also check out our article on how to prevent cavities in kids) If left alone, the small cavity could develop into a more serious issue, leading to a root canal or even tooth extraction. Additionally, if you only go to the dentist when you feel oral pain, there’s a good chance the problem is pretty serious by that point.

Avoids More Expensive Dental Services

Saves Money

As the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!” The cost of your routine dental visit could be much more affordable than the dental care you may need if you don’t go to the dentist. Root canals can cost over a thousand dollars while having a small cavity filled is usually just a couple hundred dollars.

A Sense of Confidence

Having a healthy and great-looking smile is a huge confidence booster in social situations and annual dental visits are an important tool to achieve this. An additional benefit is a fresh breath. Sometimes, the build-up of residue on your teeth and in your oral cavities can create unpleasant odors that a dental cleaning can remedy.

Overall Health

A clean mouth can affect health in other areas of your body as well. Most notably, good oral health is known to reduce the likelihood of heart disease or a stroke. It is recommended that you visit the dentist at least once a year. In some instances, you may want to visit biannually if you are prone to dental issues. You could be more likely to experience oral health issues if you have diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer, or even a low birth rate. Your dentist will be able to work with you to help you determine the right number of office visits each year for your needs.