The Importance of Timely Disease Diagnosis

The Importance of Timely Disease Diagnosis | HealthSoul

Giving and being given a correct diagnosis is the first step to treating any illness. This is a lesson ingrained in the hearts and minds of any medical practitioner and should be just as ingrained in the minds of anyone seeking medical attention. Upon feeling any sort of ailment, no matter how light the matter may seem, be it a headache or profuse bleeding, it’ll be difficult to find the proper solution if the problem is not properly identified. There is so much for a patient to lose when they’re given a wrong diagnosis. Be it delay in treatment, a wrong and potentially toxic prescription, or even no action at all, any of these could be the undoing of any potentially curable patient.

Timing has been said to be a key issue when it comes to reaching a proper diagnosis, wherein others may have months or even years to feel any adverse effects of a delayed diagnosis, some may only have minutes. It isn’t impossible to avoid reaching a detrimental time limit when it comes to getting a diagnosis for any disease, but note that it is the responsibility of the patient to seek this out, just as it is for the doctor or specialist to get it right. While this may seem like a challenge to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, healthcare providers are still around to meet with patients, usually through the use of a patient scheduling software.

Timely detection of a disease allows for people and their loved ones to better prepare for and treat the disease. According to ACT on Alzheimer’s, timely disease diagnosis is “critical for improving the physical, emotional and financial impacts of the disease.” Being able to be prepared could greatly assist those surrounding the patient and allow for the patient to receive the right treatment with relative comfort and ease. 

The Benefits of Timely Disease Diagnosis

One of the most immediate benefits of a timely diagnosis is gaining access and understanding what exactly it is you are experiencing. It can be scary, finding out what disease you may have, but not knowing at all may be even scarier! Knowing what it is you are afflicted with allows you to gain access to “information, resources and support for yourself and those around you.” There are diseases that may be hard to stomach or accept, but being aware of what it is and doing this in a timely manner will allow you to seek out the best help as fast as possible.

There is also an economical upside to getting a timely diagnosis. While it may seem like you are saving money by only seeking out professional help when home remedies are usually more wallet-friendly, these are usually stop-gap solutions that may even cause more harm than good. For some patients who experience Dementia caused by Alzheimer’s, timely detection “makes healthcare services more sustainable.” This means that costs can lessen because they are already cutting down on unnecessary GP consultations and hospital care.

Facing the Challenge of a Diagnosis During Lockdown

There have always been challenges or hindrances to getting a timely diagnosis. These can vary from the stigma towards certain diseases, lack of financial capacity, or even just anxiety over whatever it is you may be diagnosed with. Now more than ever it has become increasingly difficult to schedule appointments with GPs as lockdown restrictions keep us at home and hopefully out of the hospital. These are all in good faith, but keep in mind that while those are in place to keep us away from certain diseases, this doesn’t mean we aren’t still susceptible to all the other diseases out there.

Despite patient mobility being greatly affected by COVID-19 related restrictions, a percentage of healthcare professionals have shared that they still conduct face-to-face meetings and checks up with patients. The use of a patient scheduling software may be of importance and ease when it comes to appointments such as these in order to lessen waiting time and even to have better and more streamlined communication with your healthcare provider. 

While it all may seem like work just to find out you’re sick, remember that timely disease diagnosis is, and above all, done to improve to maximize the quality of your life. The sooner you are able to get an appointment with your doctor or you are able to safely see a professional, the sooner you will be able to take the next steps to get back to health.