How to Choose the Right Weight Bench for You

How to Choose the Right Weight Bench for You | HealthSoul

The weight bench, aside from weights themselves, would probably be the most important piece of equipment every workout enthusiast would need. While weightlifting, there are three main positions, and they are seated and standing positions and the one laying on your back. A weightlifting bench can allow you to perform exercises in two of those poses, laying down and sitting, thus the total number of workouts you can do is increased.

Although, it is not easy to buy a weight bench like that. You would need to determine which type would fit you the most. For that reason, it would be good to read this article since it may give you an answer on how to choose the right bench for you.

Know Your Benches First

Everyone has different needs and goals. For instance, you might simply need a bench that will allow you to do some lifting while home without having to pay too much. Or you are simply in need of a bench that can be placed in a small space and easy to fold when not used. As experts from would state, it is important to get the most out of your workout, although you need to decide which bench you will be buying first. Meaning, it is important to know what types of benches are there to pick from. By being aware, you will know which to fit in with your needs. For that reason, here is a small guide to a few of the most popular weight benches out there.

Adjustable Regular Bench

Most widely used benches are flat and adjustable regular benches. It can change its incline while the regular bench would always stay the same. Since it is more versatile, if you are looking for something to equip your home gym with, this would be an answer.

Almost any muscle group can be trained with these types of benches and having dumbbells, they are considered to be one of the most essential pieces of equipment.

The Olympic Bench

The Olympic bench is the one people will probably use most often. This bench is a true test of anyone’s upper body straight and those who manage to use it will have something to brag about. It will allow you to perform heavy exercises with maximal comfort since it has bar holders.

Because of the same reason, it will enable you to use a barbell which will allow you even more weight. The stronger you will become as you lift and the muscles will surely follow along. It would be wise though to always have someone as a spotter since you would not like a barbell to fall over your neck or head.

Accessory Bench

Accessory benches are all great, and in case you have access to them, they should be used as often as possible. Examples of these types of benches are Roman chair and Preacher curl bench. Roman chair is good for your ab workouts while the preacher curl bench is good for biceps exercises.

Both, as well others, would allow you to target a specific group of muscles in a new way which will of course result in you having more great workouts. If you have ever been to a gym, you are aware that barbells and treadmills are fine but can get you only to a certain point. Most of these fitness weight benches would be good for any home gym, although they are rather expensive.

So if you have more finances to spend, they should be added to the collection and considered at all. Of course, if you have enough room to fit an accessory bench in.

Are You Able to Endure the Workout?

It would be wise to think about your needs. Meaning, even though it would be great to have a bench with all advanced features, it may not be what you actually are in need of. For instance, it can only inhibit your abilities to perform certain exercises that are key to your workout routine.

For that reason, the important step is to pick out the perfect weight bench after determining your needs. What you could do for instance is to list down all of the exercises you would want to do, take into consideration all other equipment you own and make your final decision according to that.

In case you are looking to add a weight bench in your home gym, it would be wise to do your research first and check out the range of all of the options possible. Which you will choose is your decision alone, and regardless of the type, you will surely have all your workout goals achieved once you add it to your workout equipment collection.