40% of people make their healthcare provider choice by searching online

Inaccurate listings could be costing your business

Customers visit the location of businessusing the informationfound online

Confirm the locationof the business bycalling first

Depend on theirinstincts while locating a business


Consumers are frustratedby incorrect information inonline business listings


Customers lose trust in abrand due to the inaccuracyin their listings


Customers stopusing a local businessif their listings haveincorrect information


Customers switch to acompetitor if theycouldn’t locate a businessdue to incorrectinformation in listings


Here’s how HealthSoul helps!

HealthSoul provides an integrated search ecosystem that enables you to take control of your business’ online reputation, manage all your business listings across the web at one place, fix the inaccuracies, and improve your listings’ performance in local search results.

If your business is missing from the search ecosystem, we add you

If information in any of your businesslistings is incorrect,we help you correct it

Once all your business listings are factually correct, we help you enhance it

Acquire more Customers

Accurate and complete listing information amplifiesyour listing with


more searches


more listing views

Take control of your business’ online reputation by managing your listings across the web at one place

Power ListingScan Result

Listing Lock


Local ListingOptimization

Listing AnalyticsDashboard


Use our integrated search ecosystem for a list of all your business listings online, even the ones you may not be aware of

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