Digital Marketing

6 Effective Online Reputation Management Techniques for Doctors

With each passing year, your online reputation as a doctor becomes more important. However, many doctors are unaware of the fundamental tenets of online reputation management. Fortunately, a few simple steps can improve a doctor's online reputation and can also increase online exposure which potentially attracts new patients. Here are some fundamental practices for good…

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5 Important Digital Marketing Strategies for Doctors

Doctors and digital marketing? Sounds strange, doesn't it? However, with the immense growth of internet consumers, digital marketing is now required in every industry. There are numerous online marketing strategies for doctors which need to be planned carefully. As the healthcare industry is introducing new technology, it is critical to inform the public about it. Digital marketing for…

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How does online review generation play a vital role in your medical practice?

Demand for medical care has never been higher. Dwindling physician supply, population growth, and the expanding elderly demographic are all putting pressure on the United States healthcare system. As a result, physicians spend less time with patients and more time on paperwork and administrative tasks like managing patient records. Hence, building an online reputation in…

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