Yoga, Essential Oils And Diet; A Three-Pronged Approach To Neck Pain

Yoga Essential Oils And Diet A Three Pronged Approach To Neck Pain | HealthSoul

Neck pain has become one of the most common complaints amongst Americans in the last couple of decades. It is not hard to understand why. Neck pain is often caused by stress, as the muscles around and up the neck are the first to tense up under conditions of stress. It is not inaccurate to say that we carry our concerns in our neck and shoulders.

So why opt for alternative solutions like neck pain relief with essential oils? In a pragmatic and fast-paced world, this is not an unreasonable question to ask. As lovely as the idea is, many of us do not have the time to add additional rituals to our daily routine unless there is a reasonable cause. It is upon further research and investigation, however, that you will find plenty of cause for concern about the conventional treatment of neck pain associated with stress and tension. There are primarily two effective treatments prescribed by modern medicine to combat this problem; non-steroidal anti-inflammatories and opiates.

Whilst the former carries its share of unpleasant potential side effects; the latter is an inconceivably risky and irresponsible measure to take. All opiates are fantastic at relieving most forms of chronic pain, for the same reason that the more dubious member of the family, heroin is. They all metabolize into morphine, which is life-threateningly addictive.

Essential Oils

As a part of a natural approach to pain relief, essential oils offer a safe and clinically tested alternative to mitigate neck pain. Ginger oil combined with Sandalwood forms a potent and natural anti-inflammatory treatment that is equally and sometimes even more effective than conventional drugs.

Several other essential oils can be used in conjunction with these two to find the right solution for you. Wintergreen oil contains a natural pain relief compound similar to aspirin. Lavender oil is clinically proven to combat stress-related muscle tension, mitigating the onset of this sort of pain.


Yoga is more than just any ordinary exercise routine. For many, the spiritual and mental benefits are enough to justify the dedicated practice. When looking beyond the more pronounced and commonly cited benefits, yoga is also a fantastic treatment for muscle tension. Yoga emphasizes stretches and movement to counteract the build-up of lactic acid and promote your body’s natural anti-inflammation responses.

In addition to this, yoga also promotes a calm and centered mindset. The benefits of yoga generally include a healthier and stress-free perspective that circumvents the very causes of stress-related neck pain.


This is a commonly overlooked aspect of pain management, which is odd considering the efficacy of certain foods and spices in combating acute pain. There are two critical facets to fighting neck pain, as well as any other source of pain and discomfort, via your diet. The first is to avoid foods that promote inflammation. Trans fats are proven to aggravate inflammation.

The second and most important dietary consideration is that of foods that promote pain relief. Hot peppers contain capsaicin, which has strong, natural anti-inflammatory properties. Cayenne pepper, famous for its nearly endless list of health benefits, also helps in pain relief. For those who don’t enjoy anything too spicy, garlic, cherries and salmon are just a few of the foods proven to assist in pain relief.