Which gemstone fits your personality?

Which gemstone fits your personality | HealthSoul

We’ve all been there. You’re interested in buying some jewelry, but don’t know which one. It all depends on your personality and style. Do you want something big and flashy, or small and unnoticeable? Perhaps it is not even for you, maybe a  loved one, a friend, or even a normal birthday gift for an acquaintance. Whatever the case may be, choosing the right one is a difficult choice. Especially one that has the right spiritual meaning. There are many options to consider and not just the various types of gemstones. There are also several types of metal you can pick from, and a good number of types of jewelry to fit your clothing style.

The meaning of the stone

Spirituality is attained in many ways and can be embraced by even more. Regarding jewelry, gemstones are the most popular and beautiful. There are many different kinds of precious stones you can choose from, all depending on what you wish to achieve and what you think suits you best. Will you base your choice on your birthday? What about the colour of the stone or the general meaning? Definitions can be easily found, the internet is a good source and spiritual sites offer a wide range of explanations. To give you an idea, a beautiful example is a Rock Crystal, This stone is associated with balance, energy, and clarity. They’re considered a powerful healing stone and energiser. It will connect to your inner wisdom and stimulate your perception and thoughts. It is considered to be the birthstone of April and portrays a beautiful clear white colour. Another example is the much appreciated Black Agate, A gorgeous cloudy black stone representing the month of September, balance, centre, and grounding. Its mild energy is meant to soothe you and physically relax you. It is known to help with nausea and indigestion. Of course, there are many other types of gemstones to choose from, and at least 10 other birthstones that might suit your birthday. Each of them with different attributes.

What jewelry fits your style

Stones are not the only important aspect, the piece of jewelry they’re set in is of significant importance as well. Though not in a spiritual way, the type of metal and jewelry differ per person. Rings are generally more appreciated by women, as well as nice earrings to match, or even two different earrings for two different stones. Men, in general, are more drawn to bracelets and necklaces/pendants. Which type do you prefer, or does the person you buy it for prefer. Do you like gold metal, silver, or just regular metal? all of these questions are purely cosmetic, they don’t add to the spiritual purposes of the jewelry, but do add to your personal attire and taste.

The perfect gift

No matter what the person’s taste is and whether they believe in spirituality or not, a jewelry-based gift is always appreciated. Adornments have shown wealth for as long as they’ve existed. Therefore, a pretty ring, beautiful necklace, or as simple as a small set of earrings are the perfect gift for any friend, family, or loved one.