What’s 5×5 Training, Who Should Try it, and Tips for Getting Started

What’s 5x5 Training, Who Should Try it, and Tips for Getting Started | HealthSoul

5×5 training is becoming more popular all the time. If you’ve heard the term while at the gym but still don’t quite understand what 5×5 training is all about, you’ll want to check out the following insightful info. 

What is 5×5 training?

5×5 training was originated by the well-known Olympic weightlifter and coach Bill Starr. The basics of the 5×5 training program are simple: you perform five sets of five repetitions, hence the name. The original workout typically comprises three exercises. Each one targets multiple muscle groups in a compound way. Today, there are numerous versions of 5×5 training. But Starr’s original routine is as follows:

  • On a Monday, you perform: squat, power cleans, and bench press.
  • On a Wednesday, you perform: squat, power cleans, and incline bench press.
  • On a Friday, you perform squat, power cleans, and overhead press.

As you’ll have probably noticed, the trick lies in targeting a different lift on each day, thereby requiring you to increase your resistance levels to near-maximum weight. As a result, you end up doing heavy, medium, and light lifts on different days, allowing for less stress on your joints and also more time to recover from each almost-max effort.

5×5 Training Helps Experienced Bodybuilders Build Mass

The great thing about a 5×5 workout program is its simplicity. While weightlifters at various levels can adopt the method to increase strength, size, and muscle mass, it’s not designed for complete newbies. The program is designed for people who have base strength training under their belts because the intensity and volume are much higher than beginner weightlifters will be used to. If your body isn’t used to such an increased intensity, you could experience prolonged recovery times and even face the risk of serious damage via overtraining. However, if you have experience as a bodybuilder, a 5×5 program can help you to build mass. 5×5 training enables you to hit a muscle group hard three times a week while also providing enough recovery time that will help to promote significant muscle growth. 

Versions of 5×5 Training Programs

While Starr’s original 5×5 training program is still one of the most popular, today, there are several versions of 5×5 training. So, compare the specifics of different routines, like the Texas Method, to find the right program for your individual requirements. 

The periodization program known as the Texas Method is quickly becoming one of the most popular modern 5×5 programs. It was developed by Glenn Pendlay, the Olympic weightlifting coach, and is based around lifting your five-rep-maximum in four compound lifts over three weekly sessions. Those compound lifts are the squat, deadlift, overhead press, and bench press. Because the technique involves compound moves instead of isolation moves, you activate more muscles, therefore allowing you to build more strength and mass.

Newer versions of 5×5 training programs include everything from weighted dips and hip-thrusters to pull-ups and lunges. Furthermore, many 5×5 workouts incorporate additional exercises that target the core muscles and smaller muscle groups like calves, biceps, and triceps. 

Tips for Getting Started

Whichever version of 5×5 training you use, it’s vital you ensure your body is ready for it. To be successful with 5-x5 workouts and remain injury-free, you need to perform each individual exercise with perfect form. 5×5 training requires a significant amount of coordination, strength, and flexibility. So, it’s recommended you get advice from a trainer or coach before you begin using the 5×5 method. He or she will be able to ensure you choose the right style of 5×5 training for your individual body and level of fitness.