What To Do After A Chiropractic Adjustment

What To Do After A Chiropractic Adjustment| HealthSoul

According to one sports medicine website, over 30 million people visit chiropractors every year. These same people require so many treatments that there are over 1 million chiropractic adjustments made every day. And, this is just in the USA.

Chiropractors are in high demand as over 60 million Americans suffer from some form of back pain, with many having chronic or recurring symptoms.

Chronic back pain can cause a person to have limited movement, stop them from functioning as they normally would, and impact their quality of life.

There are plenty of options for treating these conditions from surgery to pain management, to modern-day methods such as TENS. However, one type of treatment remains popular, and that is to have a chiropractic adjustment.

But, what is this exactly, and what do you need to understand about after-care when you have finished your appointment with a chiropractor?

What is a chiropractic adjustment?

This is a term associated with the spinal adjustment of a patient. The chiropractor will use their hands to realign the spine through controlled, but a sudden, force to the joints.

Sometimes a small tool may be used during this procedure but the goal is the same. The idea is to realign the body’s structure so that overall physical function is improved.

Misalignment of the spine could result in bad posture, limited range of motions, and also permanent damage. The overall health of the person will be impaired until the spine is correctly aligned again.

When should you see a chiropractor?

Common causes to see a chiropractor are neck injuries, lower back problems, and also recurring headaches. There are many different back pain solutions, but chiropractors specialize in manipulation and longer-term solutions instead of simply prescribing painkillers.

Anyone with chronic or recurring back or neck problems could benefit from seeing a chiropractor. You may wish to visit your general practitioner first for advice, or you can book an appointment at your local chiropractor yourself for an examination.

Where should you go for a chiropractic adjustment?

Ideally, your chiropractor should be local. Traveling long distances to seek treatment is unlikely to help your back or neck condition any.

Therefore, if you are in Franklin, Tennessee, the Ideal Health & Wellness Center may be suitable. Alternatively, if you are elsewhere in the country, simply Google ‘chiropractors in my area’.

There are obviously some areas you should look at before choosing any chiropractor. Recommendations are always welcome, as are testimonials, and online reviews.

Look to see what services are offered, and the length of time the business has been running for. Don’t forget it is a business, and you will be charged for their services, so don’t be shy in asking to see certification or any questions that you are concerned about.

After you have had your chiropractic adjustment, what should you do?

If you have been doing a lot of research then you might think you understand everything you need to know about chiropractic treatment. However, did you take time to consider any after-care, or how to look after yourself post chiropractic adjustment?

Take some rest

Your body needs to rest once you have had an adjustment. What this means is, don’t go planning any other treatments too close to your visit. It can be tempting to have a massage a few days after but hold off until your chiropractor has had a chance to assess the results.

Keep moving

Sounds contradictory to the above advice, but sitting around isn’t good after having your spine manipulated, at least not for long periods. Take time now and then to move around gently to keep yourself in motion. A long walk can be ideal, but avoid heavy exercise unless your chiropractor has given the ok.

Keep yourself hydrated

It is said that when a chiropractor carries out an adjustment, certain toxins will be released that need flushing out.

Drinking a healthy amount of water will help the body to recover from the muscle and spinal manipulation that you have just undergone.

Exercise according to the chiropractor’s plan

You may have been given some exercises to carry out by your chiropractor. If so, don’t ignore these. They are designed to help with long-term health and recovery from your back or neck problem.

Consider changing your lifestyle

Some back injuries, but not all, are caused by lifestyles. Being overweight can cause lower back problems, but also having poor posture, or sleeping in a bad position can cause issues.

If your chiropractor has realigned your body’s structure, it makes sense to keep it that way.

Is there any danger in having a chiropractic adjustment?

Generally speaking, having a chiropractic adjustment is safe. There are certain risks as there can be with any procedure, and at worst these can include the following:

  • A herniated disk
  • Lower spinal nerve compression
  • Stroke from neck manipulation

It is important to check that a chiropractor is insured, fully trained, experienced, and licensed.

You have probably asked yourself whether chiropractors need to be licensed, and the answer is an emphatic yes. The National Board of Chiropractic Examiners oversees this area. There are also other associations such as the World Chiropractic Alliance, and the American Chiropractic Association.

With a fully licensed and trained chiropractor, the standard manipulations and adjustments should carry no concerns. A chiropractor’s role is to help a patient with the long-term management of their condition and improve their overall physical health.


It is important to see a chiropractor if you are suffering from back or neck problems, especially if they are recurring or chronic. While these specialists will be able to help fix problems, and help with the long-term management of conditions, you have to play a part too.

It is vital you comprehend what you should do when you go home after your chiropractic adjustment. Hydration, gentle but active movement, rest, and listening to your chiropractor’s advice are all essential.

According to Healthline, all chiropractors need to be licensed, so remember to check before having an adjustment or any other treatment. And request their advice on how to better look after yourself post-appointment.