What Does It Mean to Live Sober?

What Does It Mean to Live Sober | HealthSoul

What does it mean to live sober? For some, it is a daily struggle against cravings and temptation. For others, it simply means not drinking alcohol on certain occasions. Some people choose to quit completely while some limit their intake of alcohol. There are many ways in which an individual can live without alcohol in their life–it is about finding what works for them.

Most individuals who suffer from alcohol addiction struggle with constant cravings throughout their life. Many have expressed that it is difficult to live without alcohol, especially after a long day of work. Some individuals choose abstinence while others use moderation as a way to control their intake. Although it is difficult, there are many ways that addiction can be managed and lived with.

Abstaining from alcohol

Many people live sober by abstaining from alcohol altogether. They do not drink at home or when socializing with friends. This is beneficial since it can help lower the individual’s temptation to drink. It takes a strong will and an even stronger support system to choose not to drink at any given moment, even if that time never comes because they have decided that it won’t be necessary or helpful in their lives.

Many would say that it is the easiest way to live, but choosing not to drink often comes with judgment from others especially when surrounded by groups of drinkers. Still, if you do decide to abstain from alcohol, don’t let others’ negative opinions deter you.

Select occasions

People also choose to only drink on certain occasions or in specific situations instead of completely abstaining. For example, some people choose to only drink on the weekend or at certain events. Common occasions include weddings, family gatherings or birthday parties. It helps people fit in with the social norms of the situation, while still not consuming copious amounts of alcohol. While they may still be drinking during these times, they are choosing not to drink for the majority of the time.

Limit alcohol intake

A third option people choose when living with alcohol is limiting intake of the substance. It is not necessarily quitting completely nor is it always drinking in specific situations. Limiting intake has its own set of pros and cons, but can work for some people who do not want to cut alcohol out completely. People can still drink but instead of drinking to excess, they decide to stick to a certain number of drinks or stick to one type of alcohol. For example, someone agrees that if they are going out to dinner with friends, they will only have two drinks.

Some of the cons of this choice come from social interactions, especially when people define themselves by their drinking habits. Someone who always drinks wine might feel embarrassed if they have a glass of water at the table instead of a constant flow of drinks. Another situation is when someone is always drunk at parties. They may feel anxiety when they have to attend a function where they will have to limit themselves to a few drinks.

Living without alcohol can be difficult for some people, but it does not mean that they cannot live happy lives without it. The important thing is finding what works best for the individual and not judging others who choose different paths. Alcohol is only one method of having fun after all, so there are lots of other things to do in life than drink and getting caught up in drinking completely can take away from living a fulfilling life.