What Cases Do Personal Injury Lawyers Handle?

What Cases Do Personal Injury Lawyers Handle?| HealthSoul

Injuries can leave victims with long-lasting consequences, including lost wages, accumulating medical bills, and diminished quality of life. Interestingly, over 24 million U.S citizens experience these devastating effects annually due to accidents. Fortunately, with personal injury laws, the affected persons can claim compensation for injuries caused by another person’s wrongful conduct.

Even though an accident doesn’t translate to legal liability, choosing an experienced personal injury lawyer will guide you in exploring the available options. Below are cases that a personal injury attorney can help with:

Motor vehicle accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are the most common personal injury cases in the U.S. data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics prove that personal injury cases are commonly filed in the country. These cases aren’t limited to collisions between cars. They include accidents that involve vehicles with motorcyclists, pedestrians, and bicycle users.

While many factors cause car accidents, driver’s negligence is a leading cause. Negligence describes driving when fatigued, distracted, or over speeding. If the driver’s negligence causes an accident that injures other road users, those injured are entitled to compensation.

Premise liability

The premise liability law holds employers and property owners liable for ensuring the safety of those working on their premises. Businesses and property owners should ensure that their employees or other occupants are safe and shouldn’t be exposed to dangerous conditions. However, the owners’ liability for injuries varies. For instance, trespassers aren’t eligible for compensation from property owners.

Nonetheless, personal injury lawyers handle the following cases under the premise liability law:

  • Slips and falls
  • Exposure to chemicals and harmful materials
  • Negligent security
  • Accidents caused by inadequate lighting
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Accidents due to faulty wiring
  • Accidents on construction site
  • If you suffer injuries due to the negligence of property owners, personal injury lawyers can help.

Medical malpractice cases

Medical malpractice claims arise when medical professions, such as doctors and other health care providers, provide inappropriate medications or undertake procedures that lead to patient injury. Patients can seek compensation if the level of care provided doesn’t meet the expected standards.

This includes misdiagnosis, a wrong surgical procedure, surgery on the wrong patient, medication mistakes, and anesthetic mistakes. In such cases, personal injury lawyers should explain how the care given to the patient fell short of the required standards.

Dog bites

Personal injury attorneys also handle cases involving dog bites. While the laws guiding dog bites vary in different states, dog owners take financial responsibility for dog bites and any resulting injuries. Most states have strict liability rules requiring that dog owners be held liable for injuries, even if their dogs haven’t shown aggression previously. Other states have one-bite rules, where dog owners become liable if they knew about their dogs’ aggressive behaviors, such as the history of bites.

Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Other cases that require intervention by personal injury attorneys include nursing home neglect or abuse, sexual assault, and product liability. If you have injuries resulting from any of the above causes, make sure that you hire the best personal injury attorney San Antonio.