What Are the Benefits of Installing A Stairlift

What Are the Benefits of Installing A Stairlift| HealthSoul

Are You considering getting a stairlift for your house? Read on to know the benefits a stairlift can have for your daily life.

Climbing up and down the stairs can easily leave you out of breath, especially if you have a debilitating physical condition. It is also a  concerning factor if you have elderly people or anyone with any form of disabilities living in your house. With the average age of people living in US areas such as New Orleans, Wichita, or Orlando on the rise, it is quite common to have an elderly person in your home, and installing a stairlift will make life a whole lot easier for everyone. Read on to find out the benefits you can enjoy with a stairlift.

Why Get a Stairlift?

To answer the question in a simple manner, it is simply very convenient to have. Whether it is due to a member of the family being elderly or injured, getting a stairlift can take unnecessary risks and energy consumption out of your life. Homelift Mobility Solutions is one of the best mobility companies in the US, and contacting them for a stairlift is highly recommended.

1. Simple & Safe

As previously mentioned, the average age in New Orleans is on the rise. This means that these people may be a little old-fashioned and refrain from using complicated technology. This is of no concern if you are getting a stairlift as they are quite simple to use. All you need to do is sit down, put on the seatbelt, and use the rocker switch to go up or down. Furthermore, simple remotes make calling the lift to your position very easy also.

Another reason to get a stairlift is because of the additional safety it provides. The injured and the elderly have a hard time going up and down stairs without much support from others and accidents are common. Stairlifts completely eradicate this problem as strapping the seatbelt on and going up and down a seat can cause no harm to the people we care about. Lastly, some elderly patients at home are strictly told not to use stairs by doctors, and a stairlift can be just what they need.

2. Comfortable & Independent

Seeking comfort is a constant drive for everyone in everything they do. Luckily for them, stairlifts are very comfortable and user-friendly. If you face leg and knee pain, going up and down the stairs can be quite difficult and frustrating. A stairlift removes this discomfort from your life and easily takes you to your designated floor. Although the city of New Orleans is known for its rowdiness and nightlife, comfort is still a big priority, which makes sense for a city nicknamed, “The Big Easy.”

If you live alone and have reached the age that prevents you from doing demanding tasks, or perhaps you are just facing a recent injury, depending on other people in your time of need is a must. However, as you constantly need the support of others to go about your business, it can give you a sense of imprisonment and dependence. A stairlift takes care of that concern as well since you don’t need anyone else to operate them.

3. Staying at Home & Trial Before Purchase

A lot of people tend to live alone, especially in the US, with about 30 percent of households consisting of a single person. This means that as they get sick or old, they may have no choice but to go to an elderly home or a hospital to get treated properly. Although you won’t be able to reduce the entire burden of living by yourself, a stairlift will still be very helpful even when you are injured and make it unnecessary to go to the hospital or make someone stay with you. It is recommended, however, that you have someone to check up on you every now and then.

Now all that we have told you so far may still not have you convinced, so why not try one out at your local showroom? Stairlifts can be found in designated showrooms and are set up for you to test out and see if they are to your liking. You really can’t go wrong with trying it out for free, so why not?

4. Other Concerns

As with all of our purchases, we all want to get a good deal for our money. So how expensive is the stairlift? On average, the stairlift will cost you around $5000 USD, including installation. It is also worth noting that the price range will change according to the model of the machine and how complex your staircase is.

One other issue that people seem to bring up is that the seat may not be comfortable for them. This is mainly because the size is wrong for them. Fortunately, stairlift seats are susceptible to change and can be adjusted to your desires. All the different aspects of the seat (width, length, height) can be adjusted. Hence, your worries about the seat being too small or too big will not cause any practical issues.

In Conclusion

Staying stuck in your home and not being able to roam around without the help of others can be quite frustrating. Especially for the elderly since they do not wish to burden their younger relatives.

Investing in this will help you reclaim your independence and let you take a big step in your recovery process if you were injured or just keep you healthy if you have reached old age. We hope that this article has helped in making the decision to purchase a stairlift of your own and we hope that you stay in good health.