Well-Child Care Visits

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If you’re the parent of a small child, then you’ve probably heard of well-child care visits. Child well-care visits are special doctor visits where parents get an update on their child’s health. A child’s first well-child visit usually occurs within days of being born. These visits continue until they reach the age of 18. During a well visit, doctors and pediatricians perform physical checkups, administer immunizations, and allow parents to ask questions about their children’s growth, sleep, health, or anything else they’re worried about.

What is Well-Child Care Visits?

Who Treats Your Child During Well Visits?

Who treats your child during well visits depends on what type of office you go to. Many parents take their children to a pediatrician. However, other families prefer having their children seen by family physicians (FP). What is the difference between the two, though? Take a look below:

  • PediatricianThese doctors specialize in caring for children from the time they’re born until they reach their teenage years. Many even have experience treating certain diseases, including pediatric cancer.
  • Family Physician: While pediatricians only treat children, FP’s treat patients of all ages. They’re trained to care for children, but many also specialize in women’s health, general health, and more.

Who Treats Your Child During Well Visits?

What Does a Well-Child Visit Involve?

There is a lot involved in a well-child visit. From immunizations and physical exams to measurements and parent questions, there’s a lot to fit in. During your child’s well visit, you can expect your pediatrician or doctor to do the following:

  • Perform a Physical Exam, Including Taking Weight and Height Measurements
  • Administer Any Necessary Immunizations
  • Track How Your Child Is Developing
  • Discuss Illness Prevention and Health and Safety Matters
  • Discuss Physical Fitness and Diet
  • Discuss Sleep Habits

It’s also important for parents to play an active role during their child’s well visit. It’s one of the best times to voice any concerns or questions about your child’s development and growth, especially if you’re concerned that your child doesn’t seem to be reaching certain milestones. Few people know your child as well as you do. If there is something you’re worried about, follow your gut and bring it up to your child’s doctor. Pediatricians especially can offer advice on a variety of topics, including potty training, sleep training, transitioning to preschool, and much more.

When Is Your Child Due for a Well Visit?

Fortunately for parents, the American Academy of Pediatrics put together a schedule, so parents know when to schedule well visits. Take a look at the schedule below:

  • 3 to 5 Days After Birth
  • 1 Month Old
  • 2 Months Old
  • 4 Months Old
  • 6 Months Old
  • 9 Months Old
  • 12 Months Old
  • 15 Months Old
  • 18 Months Old
  • 24 Months Old
  • 36 Months Old
  • 3 Years Old
  • 4 Years Old

After your child’s 4-year-old visit, well visits should occur every year to track your child’s developmental, learning, and behavioral growth. It’s important to note that if your child attends a pediatrician’s office, you will have to switch to a family doctor once they reach their teenage years.

Schedule for well child visit