Ways To Boost Your Immunity Against Covid-19

Ways To Boost Your Immunity Against Covid-19 | HealthSoul

Every second of your life you’re being attacked by many bacterias, fungus, and viruses. A properly working immune system is crucial to fight against any of the possible diseases. Especially now, during a global pandemic, you need to take care of your health.

According to Hotze Health and wellness, there is no special system to pretend to yourself from Covid-19 but there are plenty of techniques that can help you become more resistant to it. Of course, regular hands washing and wearing a mask can protect you a little but it’s not enough. Below we pointed out essential ways to boost your immunity against Coronavirus.

Proper diet

A balanced diet is not only the key to keep your body in shape but to feed your body with all the necessary nutrients it needs to be able to function properly. If you want to improve your immune system, you should start with healthy grocery shopping. Fruits and vegetables should become your best friends since they are reached in vitamins. Each of them is responsible for many processes that happen in your body. For example, vitamin C enhances the activity of immune cells – white blood cells. It also stimulates their migration to the site of inflammation. Whole-foods, like broccoli, red currant, kale, parsley, spinach, and much more can significantly impact your health condition and boost immunity. If you suffer any diseases and don’t know much about nutrition, it’s always good to consult the diet with a professional.

Sleep well

There are many people that still underestimate the power of sleep. Sleep has its special rhythm where all the important recovery processes happen. Disturbing it by sleeping less than 7 hours a day increases the risk of immunosuppression. It produces fewer cytotoxic lymphocytes, which are necessary to fight microorganisms. What’s more, if you don’t sleep enough your body produces more cortisol – a stress hormone that affects our mood and weakens the immune system. If you want to stay healthy, go to sleep!

Stay hydrated

The human body in 65% is made of water. How do you imagine your organism to work properly if you don’t drink enough? Water is the main component of blood and lymph, which is responsible for transporting special proteins and immune cells to the attacked parts of the body as a response of pathogens’ immune system. Remember, minimum 2liters of water a day.

Don’t Skip The Workout

The workout is important to keep both your body and mental health in balance.

Physical effort increases the number and activity of macrophages. These are the cells that stand in the first line of defense against antigens and improve the effectiveness of fighting bacteria and viruses. Moreover, outdoor workouts face you with many microorganisms and build resistance to them. Last but not least, training pushes your body to create endorphins, which put you into a better mood and boost your immune system.

Take Supplements

There are many natural supplements that can provide you with vitamins and microelements that sometimes you don’t get enough from the food. Especially when you are vegan, vegetarian, or simply allergic to some kinds of substances that food contains. Supplementing vitamin deficiencies will definitely help to improve your immune system. Consult if with the doctor first, incorrectly selected supplements can bring you to reverse effects.

Talk to People

It may seem to be a useless tip but believe me, mental health is as important as a physical one. The Covid-19 situation, home quarantine, economic crisis, and self-isolation can cause big damage to your brain. We’re humans, we’re made to interact with people. If you want to boost your immunity against Coronavirus, talk to your friends, and let your body create some endorphins. It’s a reason they say that laughter is a cure. Malaise and depression can highly weaken the immune system. Don’t let this happen and become social.

Calm Yourself Down

Easy as it seems, lowering the stress level is a great immunity booster. Stress destroys the immune system in many ways. In order to stop it, try the relaxing techniques that can calm your body down, such as meditation, yoga, short-run, peaceful music, maybe a simple talk with a friend or your favorite food?

The bottom Line

As you can see, there is not a magic trick to avoid diseases but you can find many ways to boost your immunity against Covid-19 and many more macrophages. Follow the rules above and for sure you will feel better physically and mentally. Remember that a positive attitude matters a lot!