Water Pipe: The Basics of Style and Materials

Water Pipe: The Basics of Style and Materials| HealthSoul

Many weed consumers decide to use a water pipe or bong since having rolling papers, filters, and other smoking accessories around can be quite the hassle. Water pipes are fairly easy to use and they come in different sizes, shapes, designs and materials.

This type of cannabis accessory has affordable prices for every consumer, especially in this day and age when marijuana has become legal across Canada, the United States, and many other countries. Read further to find the basics of water pipe style and materials, as well as how to maintain the weed pipes properly.

Water pipe types

Water pipes come in two different types – the bong (similar to the hookah) and the bubbler, and they are intended for consumers with varying levels of experience. The method of smoking is the same but their different mechanism provides a different experience.

For example, the bongs are used for more intense flavor by experienced users and they come in bigger sizes. The removable parts make them more flexible and easier for cleaning. The bongs work with two water chambers for cooling the smoke and removing the nicotine, as well as for making a creamy flavor. Keep in mind that there are bongs with different designs, so find an aesthetic bong for you and enjoy it with style.

On the other hand, the bubbler is a smaller water pipe intended for beginners. It produces a mild flavor and comes with one water chamber for cooling the smoke. The main advantage of this water pipe type is its portability, thanks to its small size and only one piece for smoking.

Pipe materials

The material of the pipe you want to use can directly affect the weed durability and its flavor, the pipe maintenance, cost, and others. No matter if you are a beginner, an experienced smoker, or take weed for medical purposes, consider some of the most used pipe materials before you start.

1. Glass

Glass is the most popular material for bongs and water pipes when it comes to weed consumption. Even if it is easily breakable and thin, the glass is the best and safest material for smoking and holding the water that directly affects the smoke’s cooling. Also, glass pipes and bongs are easier for cleaning and you can just boil them for up to 10 minutes or clean them with 90% alcohol. Note that every glass pipe comes in a different color and the cost depends on its specific look.

2. Metal

If you want your weed to last longer in your pipe and prolong your enjoyment, then metal is the right material for your pipe. The costs of metal weed pipes can vary depending on the brand, but they are affordable for every consumer. Just like glass pipes, metal pipes are easy to maintain and you can boil them up or use alcohol for proper cleaning. The cleaning soaps can damage the metal, so it’s not recommended to use them for cleaning. The only disadvantage of this material refers to the weed flavor because of the risk of getting metallic particles on your cannabis.

3. Wood

Weed pipes made from wood are totally different from glass and metal pipes. Wood has been and is still a popular material for weed pipes, leaving its signature in the cannabis flavor. Different types of wood are used for making such pipes, together with many colors, shapes, and thicknesses. If you use a wooden pipe for the first time, make sure to heat the bowl before you put the weed in for easier burning. When you are all done, clean the pipe with a strong jet of water or regular pipe cleaner.

Bottom line

Weed pipes and bongs are the most popular weed consumption accessories among consumers no matter their level of experience. It is really simple to use such pipes because you don’t need any rolling papers or filters to put your weed in. Water pipers are mostly made from glass, but there are also pipes made from wood, bamboo, clay, metal, and so on. The pipes can define your preferable smoking style, so always tend to choose a pipe design that matches your taste, no matter if you are a beginner, advanced, or a consumer for medical purposes only.