Virtual Therapy is Here— Just How Beneficial is It?

Virtual Therapy is Here— Just How Beneficial is It? | HealthSoul

Virtual or online therapy has become the new normal for most people who are seeking the services of a psychologistOnline therapy service started 42 years ago and has since grown immensely. The first simulated therapy in 1972 occurred between computers at Stanford and UCLA. In 1993, the first depression support group, Depression Central, was formed, with more developments happening in the following years. Today, there are four basic types of therapy available, including e-therapy, adjunct services, mental health advice, and telepsychiatry. 20% of psychologists offer a form of online treatment such as therapy via email or telephone. 

The benefits of online therapy

Virtual therapy has proven to be overly beneficial. Below are some of the reasons

Therapy at your convenience and the comfort of your home

Online therapy eliminates the barriers of office therapy. It is much easier to schedule therapy on an online platform such as e-Counseling.comat your most convenient time. You no longer have to wait weeks to see a therapist.

It benefits first-time therapy seekers

For those who are seeking therapy services for the first time, online therapy provides a good way to explore the practice. Most people who have tried out online therapy go on to seek face to face therapy after learning that the practice is indeed effective.

It normalizes mental health care

Online therapy also normalizes psychiatric conditions, which have been a source of societal stigma among many. For many who may be afraid to visit psychologists for fear of discrimination, going online is a viable option.

It is accessible to people in remote areas and those living with disabilities

If you live in a rural area where there are no mental health centers, then you will appreciate virtual therapy. You get to access mental care any time or day with no need for travel. For the elderly and disabled, online therapy provides an invaluable alternative.

It is affordable and just as good as face to face care

Virtual therapy is just as effective as face to face therapy. Clinicians will give you the same professional care they would if it was an in-person meeting. For the cost-conscious is a cheaper option compared to office therapy. Virtual therapy is also insured in some states, and all practitioners are required to abide by specific laws and ethics.

Its downsides

Virtual therapy also has its cons. Some of these include

It may not be as effective for people with severe illnesses. Such clients need much more specialized treatment. In case a psychologist is dealing with a suicidal patient, for instance, he or she may have very little control of such a situation.

Some therapists also face challenges with patients cutting off conversations. Building a solid relationship, therefore, becomes a challenge for health providers. For clinicians, it is also not easy to determine the level of risk of a patent through messaging. You have to go with the patient’s responses which you cannot confirm for sure.

Virtual therapy is popular among many due to its increased benefits. Even if you are not mentally ill, you can access online therapy for advice on better health habits and coping mechanisms when you are in need.