Virtual Doctor: A Way of Online Urgent Care & Virtual Concierge Medical Care

In today’s world, we all need a quick solution for every problem within the time limit. Health is the primary concern for any person or state. A healthy health care system can make our livelihood better. That’s where, online urgent care and virtual concierge medical care proves to be a new revolutionary system that can deliver care whenever people need it, no matter where they are. Far from the locality or from remote places people can be consulted by an experienced health professional and make necessary health-related arrangements or take medications.

Research suggests that sixty percent of the United States population prefer virtual assistance for health issues to a traditional way of treatment. The reason may vary from person to person. The expenses of visiting a doctor or shortages of time are prime reasons that the patient wants to see a doctor via technology. The virtual doctor could be very beneficial for rural areas also.

This article aims to discuss the benefits of online urgent care and virtual concierge medical care.


What is online urgent care?

Online urgent care is getting a consultation, related to your health issues from a doctor or other health person via technology on demand. The tech world is growing its power and innovating new means of communication and making our life better. A virtual visit can be when you see and consulted with a doctor via video. Virtual care can be enabling the patient to see a health specialist remotely, from a far distance, where they cannot be present physically at that moment and can get qualified treatment advice.


What Is virtual concierge medical care?

Virtual concierge medical care is a special service offered by doctors for a flat fee. Concierge Medicine is also known as concierge care, boutique medicine, retainer-based medicine, platinum practice, and direct primary care. The services may include unlimited office visits, quick to no waiting time, and personalized care. However, the number and type of benefits you will receive may vary from doctor to doctor. For instance, LitonMD charges $75-$149 covering from individual to family. The subscription fees are paid every month.

Here also, you don’t need to visit the doctor’s office in person.  You can contact the doctor virtually through video call or call and the prescription will be delivered to your home or office, wherever you are.


What are the common benefits of online urgent care and virtual concierge medical care?

  • Quality care – According to the American Medical Association, virtual doctor is more active and improve their quality of care.
  • Economically friendly-Towers Watson says the virtual care system can save money. Almost $6 billion in a year, it can be. This is because travel expenses are decreasing by better experiences of care at home.
  • Close to family-Virtual care allow you to be at home close to your family and friend and this can be helpful for quick recovery.
  • Access to better healthcare-The American Medical Association says that via virtual care patients can be provided the best health care from remote areas, especially rural areas people, where they cannot find a qualified doctor. Hence, online urgent care and virtual concierge medical care prove to be life saviors for them.



The world is improving its capacity day by day. The virtual care system is developing the health care system. After the COVID-19 pandemic and its devastating effect on earth, remote health care is at its peak.

Researchers suggest that at the beginning of 2020 there were few virtual care services available in the U.S. health care systems. However, after the upcoming needs and necessities of the situation, the virtual healthcare system including online urgent care and virtual concierge medical care developed quickly and became the popular means of health care among folks now.

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