Top Reasons you are not Losing Weight despite Vigorous Exercises

Top Reasons you are not Losing Weight despite Vigorous Exercises | HealthSoul

The process of shedding off the extra amount of fat in your body can be intimidating if the results are not evident after numerous attempts. You are probably lifting heavy equipment and exercising your body more than usual, and the pounds are still constant or even worse accumulating.

If you note that shedding fat through vigorous exercises does not yield any result, it’s time to try other alternatives. The Look Book is one of the centers that offer therapeutically slimming procedures, and you should try this weight loss method.

This article gives insights on the top reasons you are not losing weight even after strenuous exercises:

Your body still has surplus calories

The metabolic principle behind the efficient reduction of weight is to create an imbalance in the body of the calories. The only scenario under normal physiological circumstances that lose weight is possible is if the calorie output exceeds calories input.

If your body has deficient calories, it will resort to the burning of fat reserves in the body to obtain energy. Metabolism of fat reserves will gradually lead to less fat in the body, thus getting a leaner body structure and a reduction in the body mass index.

Exercises alone cannot yield the required results.

Exercises create an environmentally efficient for burning of calories in the body. But despite involving your body in strenuous activities, the number of calories consumed in the expedition might not be high enough to cause any reduction of fat in the body.

In the process of exercising, your body will burn its store of carbohydrates, and after the exercise, you will be demanding food and water. The intake of food post exercising can replenish the body of lost calories and even add a surplus leading to weight gain rather than drop. Thus it is essential to ensure you are disciplined enough; otherwise, the straining of muscles will yield no results in the long run.

Thus, it is recommended to combine exercises with a healthy diet regime that aims for a low-carb diet. There are other procedures available in the market that are effective such as therapeutic slimming.

Lack of Change in the Usual Routine

Although you are spending one hour per day exercising, it is essential to ensure that you adopt other non-exercising activities that can facilitate the burning of fats in the body. For instance, you can opt to walk to your office rather than hire a cab, or walk up the stairs rather than the elevator. Lack of incorporation of such strategies will only lead to frustrations in your goal of obtaining a leaner body.

Bottom Line

The process of losing weight is procedural, and you need to adopt the necessary measures to achieve the right results. Although it seems straightforward for most people, it can be hectic if you don’t deploy the right tricks. If you don’t want to involve strenuous exercises and a strict diet, therapeutical slimming procedures can be used to achieve instant results after the process.