Top Questions To Ask Your Cardiologist During The First Appointment

Top Questions To Ask Your Cardiologist During The First Appointment | HealthSoul
  • Have you scheduled an appointment with a cardiologist and do not know what questions you should be asking?
  • Did you know that heart issues are the leading cause of death (600,000+ annually) in American men and women?
  • Are you aware how issues like smoking, diet, exercises, etc. can have a positive and negative impact on your heart?

Leading medical experts point out that the first appointment between a cardiologist and a patient is very important. Most of us wait till we start experiencing heart issues before we go see a cardiologist.

However, experts suggest that it would be best to start visiting a cardiologist as part of your healthy heart regimen. Individuals need to remember that when it comes to the heart, preventive measures are very important.

In this resource article, we speak to one of the world’s leading cardiologists, Dr. Gerard Leong. We ask him about the top questions that individuals should ask their cardiologists during their first visit or appointment.

List of 5 Questions to ask a Cardiologist during the First Appointment

Question 1: What are some Signs or Symptoms I should watch out for?

Most people that visit a cardiologist for the first time are nervous. This is understandable. During the first visit, it is important to ask the cardiologist about some symptoms or signs that should be immediately reported or addressed. The cardiologist is likely to tell you that signs like heaviness, breathlessness, and dizziness mean that there is something wrong.

Question 2: What kind of Tests should you take to understand the Heart status?

Experienced cardiologists can listen to the heartbeat and come to several deductions. However, to get a clearer picture, they will suggest tests that would shed more light on the intricacies of the issue at hand. Ask the cardiologist about the various blood tests and scans that need to be run to show the correct picture and status of your heart.

Question 3: What should my Ideal Weight be to not experience Heart Problems?

Leading cardiologists point out that heart problems are directly correlated to weight troubles and obesity. Many people think that just because they are great in terms of the BMI and BMR index that they do not need to worry about their weight. That is not the case. The perfect weight differs from one individual to another. Do not forget to ask about this with your cardiologist.

Question 4: What should my Blood Pressure Levels and Cholesterol count be?

LDP or low-density lipoprotein is the actual medical term for bad cholesterol. If the tests reveal that you have a high percentage of LDP, you should immediately start medications to bring it down. Blood pressure levels also wary from individuals to individuals. What is high for you might be normal for someone else. Ensure that you ask the cardiologist about ideal BP levels.

Question 5: Are there any Activities that I should avoid to Improve Heart Health?

In the first meeting itself, you need to state whether you are a smoker and drinker or not. Tests will reveal this to your cardiologist as it is. Basis this fact, your cardiologist would ask you to stop or start certain activities to improve the health of your heart. For example, they can ask you to stop smoking right away and start a regular exercise regimen to improve heart strength.

The Bottom Line

Given that the pandemic has destroyed our mental health, it is important to take note of this factor as well. If you are anxious or depressed, let the cardiologist know about the same as of soon as possible. The key is to be as honest as possible about your heart health so that you can start the treatment soon. Working with your cardiologist will prevent chances of any serious heart condition from emerging. If you think you can add to the list of questions, please do so in the comments section below.