Top 4 Yoga Poses To Treat Workman’s Comp Injuries

Top 4 Yoga Poses To Treat Workman's Comp Injuries | HealthSoul

If you have experienced an injury at work, you will have many concerning questions. You may be confused about how your injury occurred, or why the damage has been so severe.

Get help as soon as possible

Firstly, you must be getting the medical attention you require. Seeking the expertise of a doctor, physiotherapist, or even a chiropractor, you should get your injuries seen as earliest as possible. Keep track of all your doctor’s notes and medical bills, as these will serve as evidence when claiming compensation.

It is also an excellent idea to get hold of a personal injury lawyer, preferably an expert who is familiar with workers’ compensation claims, and once here, you will certainly feel guided along the best way forward, having full knowledge of your rights to claim, as well as your responsibilities. Your lawyer will also be able to support your administrative process, helping you accelerate your legal case.

How common are workers’ injuries?

From a statistic spotlighting nonfatal injuries and illnesses requiring days off work, it shows that almost 900 000 of these occur each year in private industry occupations alone. According to this report, the top occupations in which workers sustained injury were laborers (including freight, stock, and material movers), truck drivers (heavy and tractor-trailer drivers), nursing assistants, followed stockers, and order fillers.

Nonfatal injuries which qualify you to claim workers’ compensation vary, from back injuries, to hip pain repetitive stress injuries. Importantly, once you have sought legal representation and medical attention, it is advised to prevent further injury by taking care of your injury at home – through yoga!

Using yoga to treat injury

For thousands of years, yoga has been employed to take care of body aches and pains, in addition to promoting health overall. All around the world, this ancient practice continues to heal injuries and inspire positive bodywork, teaching us that we have the power to take charge of our health. If you’ve experienced an injury at work – or suffering from repetitive stress injury – the following are 4 simple poses you can use to alleviate pain and body aches.

1. Figure-4 Pose for hip pain

Tight hips from inflammation or a work injury can become very painful, but some yoga stretching can help relieve some of this tightness. Though this classic Figure 4 pose has many names, such as Eye of the Needle, Supine Figure-4 Pose, or Reclined Figure 4 Stretch, it involves the same basic movement.

While lying on your back on a comfortable yoga mat or firm surface (not too hard), bend your knees and rest your feet on the floor. After bringing one leg up at a time by pulling it closer to your body, bend your leg to rest this ankle on the opposite leg, just above your knee. This deep stretch should be done on both sides and will stretch various stiff parts of your body, including hamstrings, your hips, and glutes.

2. Half Sideways Hand Pose for a wrist injury

Repetitive wrist injuries, ganglions, and general wrist strain can become very painful – but stretching can relieve some pressure. Standing one arm’s length away from a wall, but facing forward, place one palm behind you flat against the wall. Turn your hand so that your fingers are pointing behind you, but if this is too strenuous then you can face your fingers towards the ceiling.

3. Child’s Pose for lower back pain

One of the most classic yoga stretches, Child’s Pose, is an easy, relaxing stretch that immediately relieves lower back pressure. Kneeling on a yoga mat – or any firm surface that won’t hurt your knees – you can begin this stretch by having your knees hip-width apart and your feet behind you.

On an exhale, rest your arms before you and lay your torso down on the mat as far as you can stretch. Rest your forehead on the ground for as long as is comfortable. Elongating your spine will help reduce the tightness in your lower back, relaxing you with this easy position.

Top 4 Yoga Poses To Treat Workman's Comp Injuries

4. Thread the Needle to improve your neck

Neck pain can cause a lot of distress in the body, but it can be relieved through some stretching. Start ‘threading your needle’ by kneeling on all fours, once again on a firm mat. With shoulders above hands and hips above knees, gently ‘thread’ one arm underneath and through – with your palm facing upwards – and rest there while holding the position. Unthread your arm and return to the base position, after which you can repeat the movement on the other side.

Find some ways to work through the current pain you’re experiencing, even if it only relieves – and doesn’t cure – your injury. Stay in touch with your insurance company, an expert lawyer specialized in workers’ injury claims, as well as medical professionals. In this way, you can be assured that pursuing a holistic approach to your injuries will result in the best outcome for your health and compensation claim.

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