Tips On Writing Your Resume For Dental Temp Agencies

Tips On Writing Your Resume For Dental Temp Agencies| HealthSoul

You are a dental hygenist in search of your next job and you want to maximize your earning potential. Dental hygienists have the lowest unemployment rate in the country, and you can pretty much always get a job. However, you want to get a job that you will love and stay at for years to come. There are a few things you can do to punch up your resume and get the job of your dreams.

Make Your Resume Easy to Read

Dental offices are busy places and so are dental staffing agencies. No one who is saddled with the important task of finding dental professionals has time to read resumes that are wordy or hard to understand. Your resume should use simple language and get right to the point.

There is no point in trying to pad your resume when you are dealing with a dental temporary agency or a dental office manager. They are trained professionals who are well versed in the skills and training necessary to perform various procedures. You will get the best responses if you are honest and to the point.

The format you use can also affect people’s perception of your resume. You should pick a clean style and use black print and white paper. A colorful resume is not as eye-catching as you think. It can make you look as though you are trying to get attention for something that is unrelated to the job.

Highlight Skills That are Relevant to the Job

Although it may sound like a pain, you should rewrite your resume for every job for which you apply. Make sure to read the job listing carefully. Accentuate all of the skills that you have that match the skills they are looking for.

There is no point in telling them about skills you have that are completely irrelevant to the job. making something sound more technical or complicated than it is will not work in the situation. Dental temporary agencies are very sophisticated and they will know when you’re trying to make yourself sound more experienced than you are.

If you have recently graduated from a trade school focus your resume on the training that you have and your grades. You should also list any internships that you had as well as the skills you learned from those internships. You can leave out any extracurricular activities unless you were an officer in a professional organization. An employment recruiter will care primarily about your technical skills and your reliability.

Mention Specific Projects

If you organized a training program or trained new employees at your last position, put it on your resume. If you are both a hygenist and a dental assistant, your recruiter should know that as well. If you are skilled at using a certain piece of dental equipment, list your training skills and experience with that piece of equipment.

How do I know which Dental Staffing Agencies are the Best?

According to the website, The best dental staffing agencies will have been around for a little while. They will have a good number of staffing recruiters as well. There is nothing worse than a poorly staffed staffing agency. A dental recruiter will have to find multiple hygienists and assistants for multiple dentists’ offices in a day. The more temporaries they have, the more likely you are to become lost in the shuffle.

Several online platforms are dedicated to reviews of dental staffing agencies. They are a good place to find out which temporary agencies in your area will keep you working at a quality office and which agencies you should avoid. Be sure to read the reviews carefully to make sure they are not planted by the agencies themselves.

Dental hygiene is a fulfilling and well-paying career. Writing a great resume can get you the job of your dreams.