Three Medical Devices That Support Mobility

Three Medical Devices That Support Mobility | HealthSoul

As you age, you want to keep your mobility going. After all, just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you have anything less to do. In fact, in your golden years, you want to feel comfortable going wherever you’d like.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to do everything you used to as you age. The excellent news is innovations have come around to help you solve your mobility problems.

These excellent solutions are creative, innovative, and a good value for your budget, especially when you consider how much they help you get around. If you’re looking for a way to maintain your movement as you age, check out these three unusual devices that are sure to help you keep your mobility throughout the world.

1- Stairlifts

If getting around your home is hard, consider installing a stairlift in your space.

Stairs are one of the most significant burdens for those who have a home with two floors. They can present severe challenges for older adults who have arthritis, stiff joints, or any other condition that leads to immobilization. A stairlift can help you conquer the stairs with confidence. It’s also simple to install.

The lift goes on the side of your stair traditionally on the opposite of your banner. The lift will have a seat or panel. When you strap in, you can feel confident as you go up the stairs, letting the lift take the ache out of your joints while you do so.

New and used stairlifts can help even if you can technically walk upstairs by yourself. They let you take the stress off your legs and prolong your independence and mobility by reducing the strain on your knees.

All in all, stairlifts are a speedy and safe way to get up and down different levels in your home or other buildings. A stairlift works to make all spaces accessible, giving you freedom inside your home.

Stairlift | HealthSoul

2- Standing Wheelchairs

A standing wheelchair helps wheelchair users feel confident and stand upright as they move around. The device looks like a wheelchair with the supporting armrests and cushioned seat and back support. However, the standing wheelchair configures into an upright position.

Standing wheelchairs can be fantastic for the dignity of an individual, and they help for practical reasons as well. Standing wheelchairs allow you to see and grab things that you couldn’t reach from a lower height.

Some standing wheelchairs also convert back and forth from a seated to a standing position. The flexibility gives the user the ultimate range and freedom in whatever they do no matter the situation.

Standing Wheelchairs | HealthSoul

3- Custom Insoles

Lastly, custom insoles can be the solution or prevention of a problem for many people. Custom insoles, called orthotics, are podiatrist-created and prescribed insoles. These insoles can address a variety of problems, like plantar fasciitis, collapsed arches, and other issues with the feet.

These insoles provide an additional cushion to certain areas and support your feet. Custom-fitted molds can relieve pain by easing pressure off different points in your feet. They also allow those who have to wear them to walk for more extended periods and further distances, helping the whole body feel good. Bespoke insoles allow anyone, of any age, to remain mobile.

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In the End

Tons of specialized medical devices can give you the freedom to move as you please. Your mobility doesn’t have to decrease with age. Work with your healthcare provider and medical team to find the right solution for you. Don’t be afraid to get creative, either! Moving through the world as you please is a worthy cause! Enjoy your life on your terms today.