The Impact of Telehealth on the Healthcare Industry

The Impact of Telehealth on the Healthcare Industry | HealthSoul

The modern generation has seen great development in technology, which has impacted many different aspects of our daily lives. From communication to shopping, we can now use technology to achieve everything pretty much quicker than before. This is equally true for the healthcare industry.

Experts have implemented the use of technology to simplify the way patients access healthcare, and now we are not always required to physically attend a hospital or clinic, as we can have a consultation with a health professional without having to leave the house. This use of technology in the healthcare field is commonly known as telehealth. In this article, we will discuss the impact of telehealth on the healthcare industry, with a focus on advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Telehealth

Easy Access

Telehealth basically means that everyone can access medical care conveniently simply by using a smart device. It can be difficult for some individuals to attend appointments with their health professionals face to face, whether they find it difficult to leave the house, or they don’t drive and live too far, or simply just do not have the opportunity to take time off work to see their doctor. Telehealth has changed this as doctors and health professionals are now only a click away.

Sharing of Data

The use of technology in the healthcare industry has facilitated the way health professionals communicate with each other and share information about your issues. When you use this system, your information will be safely stored on a database, which makes it easier for professionals to quickly review your history. This is very important, as it is always necessary that professionals have a whole picture of your health history in order to accurately formulate a diagnosis.

Fewer Patients in Hospitals

It is commonly known that hospitals are incredibly understaffed and over capacitated. This is because everyone attends hospitals, even for minor health concerns. The use of telehealth has had a massive positive impact on this, as patients are able to access medical support remotely without having to take up space in the hospital. This allows health professionals to focus on patients with serious health conditions.

Positive Outcomes Overall

By utilizing technology to attend appointments and manage patients’ healthcare, professionals can ensure that the resources and time are well spent, also reducing the costs spent. The experts at suggest that doctors and nurses will feel less pressure as fewer patients come through the doors and patients will struggle less to book appointments with different health professionals.  This increases the quality of care provided by professionals.

The Impact of Telehealth on the Healthcare Industry


Disadvantages of Telehealth

High Costs for Healthcare Providers

Telehealth does have a wide range of benefits, however, there are also some disadvantages to this modern way of providing healthcare to patients. A major disadvantage is a cost for healthcare providers to implement this. Developing this system for millions of people to use and keep it usable requires IT expertise which can be very costly.

Difficulty Accessing Digital Systems

Expectedly, elderly people are the main cohort seeking medical support on a regular basis among the population. This is due to obvious reasons, considering that as we age, we are more prone to suffering from health issues. Elderly people are not as familiar and comfortable with technology as young people are. Therefore, it can be difficult for them to access this type of medical support.

Lack of Rapport

Discussing your health issues is not always something easy to do as it is personal and it can be embarrassing. One of the benefits of seeing your doctor face to face is that you are able to develop a professional relationship, particularly with those who attend healthcare appointments on a regular basis. This makes it easier for you to trust them and discuss your issues. Evidently, building a rapport with someone over the phone or video call may not necessarily be easy or possible, therefore patients may not feel as comfortable discussing issues as they would face to face.

Difficult to Diagnose

Ideally, when consulting with your health professional, they will do more than just listen to your health concerns. Certainly, there are health issues that are common and professionals may be able to easily diagnose them simply by knowing which symptoms you are experiencing, although health problems are difficult to diagnose, as symptoms may overlap. Telehealth may make the diagnosis of health conditions much more difficult due to the lack of physical contact.

The use of telehealth has had a great impact on the healthcare industry. Although there are certainly some disadvantages to using this system, there are many benefits for both patients and professionals. Thanks to telehealth, many more people are able to access medical care much quicker and from the comfort of their own home.