The Effect Stress Has on Hair and Solutions To It

Stress is something that has become prevalent in most people’s lives these days. While we know that stress can cause anxiety, depression, weight gain and a host of other health issues, stress can also have a big effect on the condition of our hair. Whether your stylist has recently commented on the condition of your hair or you’ve noticed you’re losing a few more strands than normal, we want to talk about the effect that stress can have on your hair. We’ll also talk about solutions to the problem.

Quality of Sleep and the Quality of Your Hair

Not getting enough sleep at night can cause you to get sick more often, to have a lack of energy and to have issues with your skin, hair, and scalp. When your body is in a deep sleep, your hair and skin will have the time needed to repair itself. If you’re not clocking enough hours under the covers, you may notice that your hair feels dry, brittle, broken and dull. Aim for about eight hours per night if possible. If your hair really needs help, there are mask products that you can place on your hair before bed. Wrap your hair up and leave the product overnight. This will help hydrate and repair your hair.

Stress Affects Our Immune System and Our Hair

Our immune system is negatively affected when we are under large amounts of stress. A stressed immune system will cause you to become sick more often. The nutrients that your hair needs to look and feel healthy won’t be readily available. These nutrients will be used in other areas of the body that need them far more. You can strive to reduce your stress, but you should look into the vitamins and nutrients that your body is getting. Supplement with a vitamin if you don’t think you’re getting enough from the food that you’re eating each day.

Scratching and Picking Your Scalp

Many people experience nervous tendencies when they are feeling stressed. You’ll notice these people are prone to scratching, rubbing and picking at their scalp. This can cause hair follicles to become damaged. You could also experience hair loss from frequent behavior such as this. Premature hair loss is something that can negatively affect a person’s image and self-esteem. Trying to find a healthier way to release these negative emotions can help preserve your hair’s quality. If you need professional assistance with hair loss that is caused by stress, you can contact a hair transplant specialist for more information. You may be eligible for a hair transplant or other restorative procedure.

Stress, Trauma and Gray Hair

You’ve probably heard people talk about getting gray hair from stressful events in their life. This is actually a real situation that can occur when you’re under stress or are overwhelmed in various aspects of your life. Experiencing some form of trauma or shock because of a stressful event can really affect the health of your scalp. As people work longer hours, push themselves harder and take on more than they can handle, professionals are seeing a large increase in the amount of gray hair that young people are experiencing. Hair dye is one way to cover up the issue, but it’s always a good idea to find a healthy way to reduce stress or practice self-care routines to ease the pressure.

Stretching Yourself Too Thin

It’s common for people to work long hours and take on a lot of different activities each day and week. The stress of trying to juggle all of these things can quickly affect your nail and skin first. Your hair will follow closely behind. Make sure that you’re eating a healthy diet, hydrate throughout the day, avoid refined sugars and processed foods and take care of your hair properly. Make sure you wash it with a product that won’t strip away natural oils. You can use conditioning products to add moisture. Other products help replace keratin and vitamins.

It’s important that you don’t become too discouraged if you notice that the stress in your life is affecting your health and your hair. There are plenty of ways that you can improve these issues. You have the option to find a high-quality hair product that is designed to fix the issues you’re experiencing. You can also target the source of the problem. Trying to reduce stress is ideal for your entire body. You can reduce your stress by getting enough sleep at night, getting enough exercise throughout the week and unwinding at the end of a long day. Many people accomplish this by doing things like yoga or meditation. You can also speak to a hair specialist if you can’t seem to get your issues under control.