The Connection between Diet and Kidney Damage

The Connection between Diet and Kidney Damage | HealthSoul

‘’You are what you eat.’’ The quote describes it all. To stay healthy, eating healthy is important. A balanced diet is important for a healthy life. Every person should take the correct portions of every nutrient in their daily meal, with each meal containing the right amount of calories. Carbohydrates, fats, and sugar should be taken in the right portions to ensure a life full of fitness.

Manipulating any of the components of the diet and consuming harmful products will always affect your health. The effect of diet can always be seen on your body. It is visible on your each and every organ. The vital organs of your body require a clean and healthy diet to continue their functions, whereas an improper diet will always damage your heart, brain liver, and kidneys. It is always recommended by nutritionist to opt for the best diet for kidney disease.

The role of kidneys in our bodies

Kidneys are one of the most vital organs of the body. Their function is mainly excretion of waste products, which can include water and any chemical passing from kidneys in the circulating blood. Besides this, Kidney also works as a secondary organ to produce hemoglobin (an important product in red blood cells that help in transporting oxygen). Also, whenever you take a tablet or any syrup, its excretion is also assisted by kidneys; thus the kidney seems to be playing an important part in proper body functioning.

How diet can affect your kidneys

If you consume a food product that has some unhealthy ingredient or is full of side effects, it will eventually go through your digestive system absorbing into the blood ending up passing through kidneys and affecting them. Not only such products damage kidney directly, but they also produce harmful effects on other organs as well that in turn affect kidneys.

This sort of diet includes fast food (burgers, fries, and pizza), food full of sugar (ice-cream, chocolates, and sweets), carbonated drinks and energy drinks. All these food products end up digesting that results in the production of free oxygen radicals. Free oxygen radicals react with everybody chemical to produce dangerous products. They also interact with body hormones and enzymes and put a stop in their reaction pathway. All these reactions produce a cumulative effect on blood vessels by narrowing them, which in turn result in severe diseases like hypertension and thrombosis (blocking of arteries). These diseases affect the kidney specifically causing them to swell and function improperly. High blood pressure will affect fluid filtration through the kidney resulting in altered urine production. Kidney will not be able to excrete all waste form by the body. The waste products will remain circulating in the blood causing harm to other organs as coming back to the kidney and affect it.

Therefore, for a fit lifestyle and proper working kidneys, we all require a diet that is healthy. A diet free of excess fats and the right amount of sugar will never harm your kidney and you will stay active all day with a bright smile on the face. If you are struggling to find a proper nutritionist, then worry no more, visit Healthsoul and get to choose a reviewed nutritionist that best fits your requirements.