The Benefits of Marijuana for Kids With Autism

The Benefits of Marijuana for Kids With Autism | HealthSoul

One of the most common misconceptions about marijuana back in the day was that it turned its users into lazy, demotivated slobs, glued to the couch for hours at a time.

Granted, that might still be the casefor a significant portion of the potheads out there. However in the last two decades or so, many state legislators have woken up to the fact that cannabis is extraordinarily useful in such a wide variety of ways –11 states have legalized the recreational use of marijuana, whereas 33 are allowing it for medicinal purposes.

The pot industry is flourishing across the board. It is probably easier to find a dispensary in Las Vegas than to stumble upon an honest casino. Scientists and pharmacists frequently come up with new, ingenious ways to implement marijuana in medicine. It can already replace various pharmaceutical drugs and is used to treat a wide plethora of disorders at a fraction of the price.

One of the most interesting applications of medical marijuana is the treatment of autistic spectrum disorder (ASD)— especially in children. The use of oils and CBD rich cannabis products has proven to bring about improvements in the quality of life and alleviating the most severe symptoms of the disorder.

How does cannabis help? 

Experiments with prolonged marijuana treatments on children and teenage patients with varying degrees of autism have shown significant improvements in many areas.

First of all, cannabinoid oils can help with sleep disorders as well as improve concentration — these two benefits are crucial, as the improved ability to focus can make an enormous difference in the daily lives of people who are on the autism spectrum. These changes have resulted in the patients’ improved ability to shower and put on clothes by themselves.

Secondly, the researchers found a correlation between the effects of cannabis extracts and the general emotional state of the subject. Teens who were subjected to the marijuana treatment were in a good mood more often, had less frequent mood swings and overall found themselves in a much more stable state of mind.

Finally, continued usage of cannabinoid oils has improved the communication between autistic children and their parents or caretakers. The subjects have shown to be much more responsive and eager to engage in conversations than prior to the experiment. It might just prove to be a game-changer for autism treatments, as well as cannabis implementation in the treatment of disorders. After all, clear, understandable and meaningful communication is something that both autistic children and their parents crave the most.

What you need to know 

If you are a parent of a child with ASD or know someone else who is on the spectrum and are considering cannabis therapy to help them, there are some things you need to know in order to implement the medicine properly and achieve the desired results.

Will my child get high? 

The parents’ main concern before trying out oil therapy is the psychedelic effect marijuana might have on their children. There is no need to fear that – the substance is made without larger amounts of THC. That’s the chemical responsible for the “high” feeling you can experience after eating a potent edible or smoking a joint. The active element is CBD and it’s responsible for the muscle relaxation and anxiety relief effects, amongst others — that is the most prominent ingredient of oils used in such therapies.

Safety measures and standards

Although we have the experimental evidence, both the researchers that carried out the experiments, as well as the wider scientific community advise to not rely on cannabinoids completely until clinical trials confirm the benefits. As of now, there are some unanswered questions about exactly how your body absorbs CBD, as well as the safety of oils from different sources.

This means that while it is perfectly safe to try out this treatment method, you need to make sure that the oils you’ve purchased come from a reputable source. Also, do not give up on any other forms of treatment and therapy for your child — it isn’t wise to rely entirely on CBD, at least until the method undergoes multiple successful clinical trials to eliminate all uncertainty around the subject.

Don’t forego other treatments

Even then, it would be smart to keep your options open — there are many other avenues of therapy which marijuana doesn’t cover, including but not limited to speech therapy or adaptive behavior analysis. Studies show that treating autism spectrum disorders is most effective when tackled with a combination of different methods.

For example, CBD oils relax individuals and put their mind at ease, limiting muscle spasms and making communication much easier, which in turn may lead to speech and behavioral therapy yielding better results. Keeping tabs on scientific developments and staying up to date with news of innovative forms of treatment is the most effective way to ensure that you are providing the best care for your close ones.

You are not alone 

The latest research shows us that ASD is much more common within the human populace than we previously thought it was. The spectrum is very wide, and varies from mild forms, such as the Asperger syndrome, to more severe behavioral anomalies. There are plenty of sources of information and qualified professionals you can turn to for advice. Not to mention the thousands of parents and caregivers like you who are going through similar struggles.