Surrogacy: Pros and Cons of the Method to Become Parents

Surrogacy Pros and Cons of the Method to Become Parents | HealthSoul

Unfortunately, today in the world 20% of married couples suffer from infertility. How many of these couples decide to use surrogacy services is unknown: statistics are not available anywhere in the world. And the attitude towards this method of conceiving and having a child in society is ambiguous. There is an erroneous opinion that surrogate motherhood is the fertilization of the egg of another woman with the spermatozoa of the genetic father, with the subsequent bearing by this woman of a child for a childless family.

However, from the point of view of biology, this statement is not true. In fact, the process goes like this: the egg of the genetic mother is fertilized by the sperm of the genetic father, and then it is introduced into the body of the surrogate mother, i.e., the woman who will carry the child.

The Essence of the Method

The principle of surrogacy in Ukraine or any other country and its legality cost lies within the program that foresees that specialists will obtain genetic material from future parents and transplant it into the body of another woman who is healthy enough and suitable for carrying a child.

There are three participants involved in the process:

  • the genetic father who provides the genetic material (sperm) for fertilization;
  • the genetic mother whose egg is obtained;
  • a surrogate mother is a woman of childbearing age who has her own child and who voluntarily agrees to carry and give birth to a baby for genetic parents.

According to the law, a child born to a surrogate mother is officially considered a child of genetic parents.

Legal advice

A properly prepared legal contract is a guarantee that the surrogate mother does not claim her rights to the child, and the genetic parents compensate for the agreed amount of remuneration. Therefore, it is always worth entrusting this sensitive case to a professional surrogacy agency in Ukraine that will make sure that all the involved parties are happy with the outcome.

Pros of Surrogacy

Undoubtedly, in many cases, surrogacy is the only chance to have a child for many families. Thousands of families around the world raise their children born by surrogate mothers.

  • A child born by a surrogate mother carries the genes of the parents.
  • A surrogate mother is always a healthy woman, which greatly reduces the likelihood of various pathologies like miscarriages, difficulties during childbirth, problems during pregnancy.
  • A surrogate mother provides her services voluntarily.
  • Nothing threatens the health of the genetic mother.

Pros and cons of Surrogacy Mother

Cons of Surrogacy

One of the most significant disadvantages is the very high cost of the procedure, which is not affordable for every family. The funds are used not only to pay for the surrogate mother’s services but also to completely support her financially during pregnancy:

  • to pay for the services of specialists,
  • to buy healthy food and ensure comfortable living conditions, clothing, and medical examinations.

There is also a risk that the surrogate mother will not give up the child she was carrying, arguing with awakened maternal feelings. In order to avoid such situations, it is necessary to conclude a legal agreement, taking into account all possible nuances, which is the task of a professional agency.