Sugar Is Your Enemy- Top Reasons Why It’s So Bad For Your Teeth And You

Sugar Is Your Enemy- Top Reasons Why It's So Bad For Your Teeth And You | HealthSoul

Our diet consists of a myriad of things and one of the major components is sugar. We all know how detrimental it can be when taken in excess. Not only would it harm your teeth, but it can affect your overall health. That’s why we’ll be running through the various things sugar can do to you. If you’re interested, read ahead to learn more.

It Causes Cavities

One of the major things sugar can do to your teeth is cause “cavities” according to this renowned dentist in San ramon. Cavities can form due to various reasons, but sugar is a major culprit. This is because when taken in excess, there is sugary residue in your teeth. This is dangerous as it feeds the bacteria living in your mouth.

The bacteria breaks it into acid. As you can imagine, acid is corrosive and if regular oral care is not attended to, you can expect it to build up. Hence, it’ll break through the teeth’s enamel.

With the enamel gone, it can keep eating away at the tooth until it reaches the root. This is a cavity and as we all know, it’s very painful.

You can avoid it by cutting down on how much sugar you eat while maintaining good oral care. This means no sodas and junk food and regular flossing and brushing 2-3 times a day.

Increases The Risk Of Gum Disease

If you don’t tend to your cavities, bacteria can reach your gums and infect it. With your gums infected, they’ll bleed and cause unimaginable pain. This is called gum disease and it is a major health risk as your whole jaw is affected.

It Wears Your Teeth Down 

While on the topic of oral health, there are numerous ways your teeth can get worn down. One of the most common ways is by eating hard food and regularly grinding your teeth. This would chip away at it over time. Another common way to wear your teeth down is by eating sugary food.

With sugar in excess, acid can build up and destroy

your enamel. This acid can cause teeth to rot, causing them to get worn down. When this happens, it will be hard for you to eat as your teeth have lost their ability to grind and cut through food. What’s more, you’ll be self-conscious as your teeth won’t look the best.

There aren’t many treatments for worn-down teeth other than veneers. Thankfully, veneers have become a staple in the cosmetic dentistry. This is why numerous countries have their own veneer industry and Veneers turkey is a hotspot.

Weak Immune System

Your immune system needs to be intact if you want to stay healthy. If it’s not, you can expect numerous pathogens to affect your body. Unfortunately, high sugar diets are terrible for your immune system. Studies have shown that excess sugar in your body affects your body’s active immune response.

What’s more, the bacteria thrive in acidic environments, which high sugar levels provide. So, you’re feeding the pathogens that have invaded your body while actively weakening your body’s defense. You can remedy this by drinking a lot of water.

This is because water is known to be a great neutralizer, bringing the environment to a more standard pH. Of course, cutting down how much sugar you consume would do the trick as well.

Can cause Cancer

High sugar diets cause cancer. Cancer cells thrive in acidic environments. As discussed, high sugar diets cause such environments. Thus, you’re increasing the chances of cancer growing in your body because of your love for sugar.

Drinking a lot of water will help as it will neutralize the pH levels. So, cutting down how much sugar you consume will do the trick as well. Regular testing is vital because if you do have cancer, you need to treat it before it worsens. So nip it in the bud.

Increases The Risk of Obesity 

If you eat a lot of sugar, you’re increasing your risk of obesity. Obesity doesn’t happen overnight and you’ll gradually gain weight until you find it too hard to carry out your daily tasks.

The continuous intake of sugary foods will cause you to gain weight rapidly. If you don’t regularly exercise, the weight is going to add on. If you’ve noticed that you’re gaining weight you can easily cut high sugar foods from your diet, eat healthily and work out more. Constant exercise will help you get back to how you were.

Obesity not only makes it hard to move, but it skyrockets the risk of heart disease. It causes joint and muscle pain as being overweight means your skeleton is under more pressure. Unfortunately, if you’ve ignored this and become grossly overweight, it may be hard for you to lose the fat you’ve accumulated.

It Affects Your Skin

Your skin needs good elasticity. If not, it will sag. As you grow older, this will happen but you can accelerate it with your diet. This is especially through high sugar diets.

Excess sugar in your blood causes glycation. This is when sugar attaches to proteins in your blood. Studies have shown that an increase in glycation causes a loss in the elasticity of the skin. Thus, you’ll age much faster than a regular person.

You can increase the protein in your diet and eat foods that encourage elasticity of the skin while cutting down sugar. Meeting with dermatologists for regular treatment would also reduce glycation’s effects.

Increases Your Blood Sugar

For type 2 diabetes to develop, your diet has to be very heavy with sugar. Thankfully, you can be mindful of this and make a change before it’s too late.

Eating a lot of sugar can also leave you feeling diabetic even if you don’t have the disease. This is because it messes with your blood glucose levels. With high levels of sugar in your body, your blood sugar will rise and make you dizzy. Thus, you’ll be in bed throughout the day, similar to someone who is diabetic. And as your blood sugar plummets, you’ll feel fatigued.

Unfortunately, studies have shown that when blood glucose drops to normal levels, people feel more anxious. Anxiety is detrimental as it can hinder your daily life.

Studies have also shown that this has a direct correlation to stress. So, a simple fix would be to regulate your diet.


As discussed, sugar is your body’s enemy. It has numerous negative effects on your teeth and your overall health. However, you shouldn’t cut it out completely as it’s a great energy supplier. Instead, regulate how much of it you consume.