Saw Palmetto Benefits

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How Saw Palmetto health benefits were found?

Saw Palmetto is a berry plant which has old medicinal history to treat different disease conditions. But, this herbal ingredient becomes a popular herbal ingredient for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia and lower urinary tract symptoms. In the United States of America, the southeastern coast region is the native place of this plant. Saw Palmetto abundantly found in Alabama, Florida, inland, South Carolina, and Texas. Native Americans first started to use this Saw Palmetto berry for genitourinary disorders. Since 1870, herbal researchers continue to research about this herb and discovered many health benefits. Now, Saw Palmetto herbal preparations are OTC products in America, and people buy these products to treat their genitourinary problems and also for treating other health benefits. Other Western countries including European countries also use this herb for its therapeutic benefits. The European Association of Urology guidelines also introduces this herbal remedy as to a treatment for the reduction of nocturnal urinary frequency after receiving clear data from the placebo-controlled human trail. [1]

What are the phytochemicals present in Saw Palmetto?

The primary phytochemical present in Saw Palmetto is permixon and esterified fatty acids. Apart from these, sterols, flavonoids, polyphenolic compounds, and other substances are present in a smaller amount. [2]

The lipid-sterol fraction in Saw Palmetto berry is composed of many phyto-ingredients like triglycerides, phytosterols, fatty acids, and their ethyl esters. beta-sitosterol, campesterol, cycloartenol, and stigminerol are different phytosterols present in Saw Palmetto berry. Capric, caproic and caprylic, lauric, myristic, oleic and palmitic are different fatty acids contained in these fruits. Arabinose, farnesol, galactose,  isoquercitrin, kaempferol, lupenone, lupeol, polysaccharides, quercetin, resins, roifolin, uronic acids, and tannins are other phytochemicals present in Saw Palmetto. Monoacylglycerides has significant cytotoxic activity on human prostate cells. [3]

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What is the mode of action of Saw Palmetto health benefits?

Herbal researchers had proposed several mechanisms of action which exerts medicinal benefit of this plant, which includes:

  • Ant- androgenic activity
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Type 1 and type 2 isoenzymes of 5α-reductase inhibition.
  • Restrict cell proliferation by inhibiting prolactin and growth factor.
  • Anti-edema effect
  • Anti-estrogenic activity. [2]

Different laboratory-based research studies had found the above-mentioned mechanism of actions of Saw Palmetto. But in most of the cases, the used dose is much greater. However, a human trial conducted on 33 male patients with BPH showed that permixon, the active constituent of Saw Palmetto could reduce the prostate dihydrotestosterone (DHT) level significantly and provide therapeutic benefit against BPH. [2] Saw Palmetto extracts responsible for enzyme inhibitory activity which is responsible for conversion of testosterone into DHT. Increased level of DHT does not only cause BPH but also contributes to urinary tract disorders. The untreated condition also mediates infertility. [3]

Polysaccharides obtained from Saw Palmetto extract responsible for the immunostimulatory effect and inhibit the formation of inflammatory mediators like 5-lipoxygenase activity, which blocks the arachidonic acid pathway. Thus it is effective to reduce swelling. [3]

Saw Palmetto extracts anti-edema activity by blocking of androgen activity. [3]

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What are the different forms of Saw Palmetto?

Different herbal manufacturing companies prepare Saw Palmetto extracts containing medicinal products, dietary supplements, and cosmetic products.

  • Sterko and Prostamol Uno are two medicinal products available for treating mild prostate hypertrophy.
  • Saw Palmetto, MultiProsti are two dietary supplements used as a supportive treatment for mild prostatic hypertrophy.
  • Profolan: is a dietary supplement used to block DHT formation.
  • Prostenal Perfect: This dietary supplement is especially recommended to support prostate function and health of the genitourinary and urinary tract.
  • Gold-Vit for men: Vitamin supplement for men.
  • O’Herbal shampoo, conditioner, and mask are cosmetic items to support weak hair growth.
  • Ducray Sabal is a hair cosmetic item recommended for oily hair. [3]

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Saw palmetto fruit extract has multiple benefits, which has the following therapeutic uses:

  • Improve urine flow and treat voiding disorders a common problem associated with prostatic hypertrophy
  • Significant reduction of urinary retention in the bladder
  • Alleviate prostatic mucous membranes and muscles swelling,
  • the disappearance of urinary burning sensation
  • Reduce pain during urination
  • Diminish urine urgency
  • Inhibit prostate cancer growth. [3]

Saw Palmetto benefits for women

Saw palmetto has reduced the contraction of smooth muscle and effective to control contractile muscle induced pain symptoms. It relaxes uterine muscle contraction and related spasmodic pain symptoms during menstrual periods. [4]

Anti-inflammatory activity

Oral ingestion of Saw palmetto preparation decreases histamine release and it inhibits leukotriene production by stimulating neutrophils. [4]

Immunostimulatory activity

Saw palmetto increases phagocytosis activity by stimulating leukocytes activity. [4]

Saw palmetto benefits prostate

Blocking the arachidonic acid pathway helps to reduce prostaglandin-mediated congestion. in the gonad and thus reduce the edema formation in the prostate gland. [4] Saw palmetto is not only alone but in combination therapy Saw palmetto is a naturopathic remedy, which effective to control lower urinary tract symptoms and Benign prostatic hyperplasia conditions.

Transurethral resection of the prostate is a conventional treatment for BPH. Research findings supported that pre-treatment of patients with Saw palmetto extract provides better surgical outcome and reduce associated complications. This phytotherapy reduces the bleeding tendency after surgery. [1]

Saw palmetto benefits for skin                                       

The potent anti-inflammatory property of Saw palmetto is effective to treat different skin disorders including psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, urticaria, and pemphigus. [3]

Anti-rheumatic property

The autoimmune functioning of Saw palmetto is effective to treat rheumatism. [3]

Saw palmetto benefits for hair

In 95% of baldness has a close association with the androgenic disorder. Men usually have progressive hair loss due to androgenic disorder. Increase dihydrotestosterone (DHT) also hinders hair growth and causes hair fall by shortening the hair cycle. Saw palmetto has an antiandrogenic property and block the formation of DHT. Both of these benefits help to control hair fall. [3]

Saw palmetto benefits testosterone and Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction and the associated reduction of ejaculate volume, and decreased libido are a common complaint of patients having BHT. These dysfunctions usually occur due to 5α-reductase inhibitors and α-blockers dysfunction. All these problems can be solved by treating with Saw palmetto extract. [1]


The different study finding that Saw palmetto is relatively safe and provide a satisfactory result. But increase dose can cause certain side effects like diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea, headache, rhinitis, fatigue, and decreased libido. Some researchers reported Saw palmetto can cause serious adverse effects like cerebral hemorrhage, and death in a rare instance. [1]

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When should I avoid Saw Palmetto?

Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should not use this preparation as it can cause irreversible damage to the fetus or lead to a miscarriage. Saw palmetto may interact with contraceptives, so avoid to take this combination. [3]


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