Reasons Why You Need To Have Regular Massages For A Better Health

Reason Why You Need To Have Regular Massages For A Better Health | HealthSoul

What do you think about the most after a stressful day at work, maddening vacation with your kids, or a visit from an annoying second cousin or a tiring neighbor? While some people may reach for a glass of wine or something sweet, the best-proven way to relax and charge your batteries would be – a massage.

And sure, the single massage now and then, once a year, for example, may seem like a treat to yourself (or somebody else’s) and you will feel amazing and relaxed, wondering why you don’t do that more often. Maybe the next few reasons are convincing as massages have major benefits for your health, not just how you feel.

Self Massage?

Why not? In the time of the current pandemics, many saloons are forced to be closed, as human contact must be reduced to the minimum. And as much as it is grim for all the physiotherapists out there, it doesn’t have to be for you, in your own home.

Quite certainly you’re familiar with self-massage. Few squeezes and presses on the inflamed spot and you should be good enough. Maybe you’ve tested out those massaging armchairs that you’ve seen in the shopping malls, or you’ve been so lucky to have somebody (who knows what is doing!) release you from the sore feeling. Luckily, as we find out at Chairs That Give, those massaging armchairs are not that hard to get, hard to maintain, or hard to operate. With multiple functions, speeds, targeting specific body parts, and aching spots  – there is no need for you to worry about the epidemiological situation, imploring on someone to “squeeze you a little bit” or try to reach that spot on the back, anymore.

Types of Massages

Depending on your health situation and the issues you have with muscles, lymph nodes, bad blood circulation, or excess stress – you should pick your massage type. And there are many, with the most favorite and beneficial being:

Swedish or Relax

It is a standard, full-body massage that all wellness centers or medical institutions practice. This massage provides muscle relief, and it can be mainly helpful if you’re injuring or recovering from one. Although a therapist uses lotion or oil, it can be enhanced with essential, plant-based scented oils, and then you’re basically having an aromatherapy massage.

Hot Stone

This massage is similar to Swedish, but the relaxation feeling is enriched by using hot stones in addition to hand strokes. The heat from the stones helps even more to relax the muscle pain, tension and to improve blood flow.

Sports and Deep Tissue

These types of massages are for the individuals who often suffer from sports injuries and they genuinely work double-sided – they relieve the pain and prevent new injuries as they improve the flexibility of the muscles and enhance athletic performance and blood circulation.

Sports massage, and all the others (shiatsu, trigger point, thai) that include deep pressure on the specific part of the body or whole, are intended for people with a specific injury, chronic pain, or a specific issue or condition which requires this kind of pressure and intensity.

Therefore, you need to take into consideration your sex, age, physical stamina and condition, and the exact health condition each massage can help with. You cannot practice sports massage if you have a back hurt or you cannot participate in the relax one if you have particularly sensitive skin, prone to inflammation due to essential oils.

The Whole Package

Massages do not help with physical pain, which you can pinpoint to a place behind your shoulder blades or neck. It is a great superweapon in fighting mental issues and instabilities.

When you’re having regular massages, you stimulate the production of serotonin and dopamine and reduce the cortisol; as your blood rushes so is your brain adorned by oxygen and nutrients which, on a whole new level, helps with your concentration, energy boost, and insomnia.

Also, the calming and comforting effect of aromatherapy massage may benefit the most. A variety of conditions, such as depression, insomnia, digestive disorders, anxiety… loneliness, can be treated and healed by relaxing massage being introduced (just make sure beforehand you’re not allergic to any of the plants used in the essential oils, since they may cause a skin reaction).

Therefore, whatever the state that your body and mind are currently in, be sure that the right type of massage can, and will help. You will improve your prosperity and only gain from regular liberation of the pain, tension, injury, stress, soreness. Not to mention the power of feeling someone touching our body – truly or as a chair simulation.