Reasons why Retainers are Important after Braces According to Faireview Dentists in BC

Reasons why Retainers are Important after Braces According to Faireview Dentists in BC| HealthSoul

The excitement of getting rid of braces cannot be put into words. The ones who have gone through it, can definitely relate. But plot twist; your orthodontic treatment doesn’t end here. You have certainly got a new smile with much more even teeth to show off. But you still have a little way to go, to ensure that your teeth remain aligned perfectly, for the years to come. Many local professional dental healthcare pros like this Fairview dental clinic, in Western Canada strongly advise on retainers.

Retainers are a must-have after your braces are taken off. They keep your teeth in their new position, confirming the perfect alignment.

Types of Retainers

There are 2 major types of retainers, i.e. removable and fixed retainers. Although removable retainers are very user-friendly and are easier for you to manage; fixed retainers are the best when it comes to solid outcomes. Why so? This is because of the bonded wire which keeps the teeth together. Also, removable retainers are easy to take off whenever you feel uneasy and then you really don’t feel like putting them back.

Why are Retainers so Important?

There are several horrific stories of people who did not get their retainers or skipped them and they had to get braces, all over again. Putting up the investment that it demands; bearing the pain and the entire process again can be nerve wracking.

Here is why taking your retainers seriously is very important:

1.  Seal the Alignment:

Your teeth gain a new alignment with braces. But you cannot keep them forever and thus, when the braces are detached, you want to ensure that the alignment is sealed and they stay in their new position for the years to come. This is why retainers are so important. They help hold your new positioned teeth in their new state and ensure perfectly aligned teeth. The teeth have a tendency to move back to their original position after the braces are detached. To make sure that this does not happen; retainers are essential.

2.  Avoid Treatment Reversal:

Nobody wants to get their braces all over again, or do you? Skipping retainers simply means that you might have to repeat the treatment after a few months or years as the teeth start moving back to their original position. Thus, to completely avoid a treatment reversal, retainers are super important.

3.  Stabilize your Bite:

The new teeth arrangement is weird in the beginning. Your tissues and bones are soft and biting is a complete task in itself. But with retainers you are able to repent the relapse of teeth and also stabilize your bite.


Choosing a professional for your orthodontic treatment is very important to ensure that the entire process is done perfectly. Retainers are usually a 2-3 month process, depending on your teeth and overall treatment. To ensure that your teeth stay aligned and do not go back to their old state; retainers are super important.