Qualities to Look For in a Retirement Home

Qualities to Look For in a Retirement Home | HealthSoul

Watching your loved one get older and weaker is in no way an easy feat, and moving them from their lifelong home and putting them in a retirement home is one of the hardest decisions to make. However, putting them in an environment where they could have professional care 24/7 could be beneficial for their health and longevity. If you want to find one that will help your loved one get quality care, consider the next few tips when going on a tour.

Qualities to Look For in a Retirement Home

Respectful Environment

The most important thing without a doubt is moving your elderly into a healthy and respectful environment. According to the expert nursing staff at arcare.com.au/aged-care-brisbane/, it is of the utmost importance to carefully pay attention to how the other residents are treated and their mood. Even though everything will surely be more staged when you go for a tour if the residents are in any way unhappy or mistreated you will be able to spot it in small details. Your loved ones deserve all the best and staying in a disrespectful and unhealthy environment will decrease their quality of life.

Clean and Safe Surroundings

Unclean surroundings can cause multiple illnesses and infections in elders. Because of their weakened state, their place of living must be in top condition so that they are not in danger of hurting themselves. When touring a retirement home, watch out for the odors, like urine or sweat. It could mean that it is not as clean as it should be. Also, all the possible dangers should be eliminated. For example, there should be no spillage on the hallways, all the lights should be working, and everything should be neat and orderly.

Quality Food

First of all, if there is a group dining room it should be in pristine condition. If you see someone eating try to notice what it is. Be respectful though, there is no need to look nosy and obnoxious! Don’t abstain from asking about the daily menus. Proper diet is extremely important, especially for older people. The more full of fibers and diverse the meals are, the better. Quality of ingredients is also something that should be considered if possible. Additionally, residents should have three main meals and two snacks in between.

Adequate Staff

When observing the staff, try to notice how they address the residents. If they are caring and compassionate they will probably know everyone’s names and address them with respect. The staff should be well-trained and have a proper educational degree that responds to the specialized care they should provide. They are the ones that will treat your loved one so you should make sure that they are adequate to respond to every possible need of the residents. They should value their privacy and make everything running smoothly at all times.


Visiting to the grand parents

It is recommended to find a home that is near to you. That way you could be ready to provide whatever is needed in a short amount of time. It will also make it easier for you to visit as much as possible. It is crucial that any family or friends are welcomed and encouraged to be able to drop by at any time, during reasonable hours. It will contribute to the welcoming atmosphere and keep the transparency that is needed when trusting someone to take care of your loved one.

Activities for Residents

The retirement home that you choose should offer numerous activities, both mental and physical, to keep the residents in shape. Many studies have proven that keeping your brain active and regular socializing could prevent diseases common for old age, like Alzheimer’s and dementia. This will also ward off boredom and make residents happier and more motivated. Also, there are a number of group activities outside of the home that could be encouraged.


Internet access is one of the more important additional options in the home, as it gives the residents an opportunity to communicate with friends and family that don’t live in close proximity. A big courtyard is also a plus. In addition to that, it may not be a bad idea to have a barbershop or beauty salon within the home, as getting good grooming could improve the mood and raise the confidence of the elderly.

Being aware that you are not able to fully take care of your loved one is hard, so you should try to invest in their wellness as much as it is needed. They have probably taken care of you for your whole life, so now is the time to do the same for them. When going on a tour of the retirement home, be as observant and vocal about the questions you have as possible. Why should they settle for anything less than perfection?