Practical Tips To Choose The Right Medical Nursing Scrubs

Practical Tips To Choose The Right Medical Nursing Scrubs | HealthSoul

Scrubs are commonly known as the uniform worn by medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, midwives, caregivers, dentists, pharmacists, and many more. Medical professionals wear scrubs for various reasons, but considering the nature of their jobs, they protect healthcare workers from hazardous toxins like medicine, urine, blood, and more.

An added benefit of wearing scrubs is the comfortable material, which encourages comfort, mobility, and increased productivity. Body Intelligence scrubs promote safety, comfort, and efficiency with all the right features, design, color, and style. That said, here are a few tips for choosing the right medical nurse scrubs.

Go For Quality

When it comes to the quality of medical scrubs, going for the more expensive pair means high quality. It is recommended to instead go for trusted manufacturing company brands. You may be tempted to purchase three cheap pairs of medical scrubs instead of buying one high-quality pair. However, considering the amount of movement you do as a nurse, the last thing you need is stitches ripping or the original color of your scrubs fading after a few washes.

Keep Your Work Dress Code

Hospitals generally have a particular dress code for their staff, which usually differs amongst departments in the same hospital. The different dress codes identify and signify healthcare workers and their departments, from surgeons, doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and more. So, before shopping for your new pair of scrubs, always ensure that you understand your dress code at work and get the right fit assigned to your department.

Consider The Neck Cuts

As previously mentioned, scrubs come in different designs, styles, and colors; this includes the neck cut design. Scrubs come in different neck cuts, including round necks, square neck, mock wrap, or V-neck. There’s really not much wrong with choosing any neck cut; however, it needs to be the right fit for you without any movement restriction. It is also a good idea to run your scrub neck cut through your employer; scrub neck cuts may be part of your work uniform policy.

Consider Its Functionality

Functionally is probably one of the most significant considerations when choosing a pair of scrubs. Aside from style and design, your scrub’s functionality depends on your job’s responsibilities and equipment you may need on your person almost all the time. Medical scrubs usually come in different functionality designs in the form of chest pockets, patch pockets, both, or none at all.

For healthcare workers who constantly need small storage for pens, pencils, or cellphones, a chest pocket may be an option. However, if your job requires you to always have items like scissors, alcohol pads, a pair of gloves, a stethoscope, you may go for scrubs with patch pockets.

Side Slits For Additional Mobility

Another added feature with scrubs is the side slit, which helps promote the easiness of mobility. It is vital to fit your new scrubs and feel how comfortable they are, and you may realize you need more ventilation in the form of side slips. When considering side slips with your scrubs, the length of the scrubs will determine the size of the slit and whether you can get a pair with slits. Shorter scrub tops generally restrict the allowance of side slits, whereas scrubs with a longer length, side slits can significantly increase pocket accessibility, comfort, and mobility.