Plan To Live Past 80? Try These Four Things

Plan To Live Past 80? Try These Four ThingsPlan To Live Past 80? Try These Four Things | HealthSoul

Are you one of those who has a gut instinct that you’ll live a long life? If exceeding the life expectancy chart is in your future, that’s great news. But don’t forget that with extra years comes additional planning and responsibility. Life costs money. That’s an undeniable fact. And, for most oldsters, life costs even more when you add in expenses like long-term care, more frequent medical attention, chauffeured transportation, and extra security measures. The good news is that anyone can prepare now for a long and rewarding life, whether they plan to reach age 80, 90, 100, or beyond. Here are four suggestions to get you started on the quest toward longevity.

Save Like a Pro

Learning to save money on a regular basis is the key to many things in life, particularly to a comfortable retirement. If you plan to play the long game, be certain to set aside either a fixed percentage of your income or a fixed amount of money every month. Account options include traditional and Roth IRAs as well self-directed retirement accounts into which you can deposit precious metals like silver and gold. Speak with a financial planning professional and discuss your desire to be financially comfortable well into your eighties.

Investigate Long-Term Care Insurance

While long term care insurance may be a relatively new financial concept, years ago, it simply did not exist, because the majority of the elderly lived with their families. Nowadays, with so many single and independent older people, there’s a need for long-term care coverage, which happens to be one of the costlier forms of insurance. Even so, many purchase policies every year. They do so for various reasons, but primarily to gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing they won’t be a burden on their families and will have a secure, safe place to live no matter how old they become. For anyone who thinks long term care coverage is a sensible option, it’s best to begin by reviewing an online guide about the pros and cons of these kinds of policies.

Stay Social and Remain Physically Active

Friendship and every day human contact are smart and rewarding way to enjoy life to the fullest even in old age. That’s why it’s essential to maintain contact with family members, neighbors, school friends, and other acquaintances. Try to connect with someone at least once per day to build the habit of being a social creature. Remaining active doesn’t mean becoming a gym rat or working out multiple times per week. For the sake of enjoying your later years, being active means doing every day physical things like walking, performing hand exercises for improved strength and flexibility, avoiding long sessions in front of the TV, getting out and doing things, and generally using your body to move about on a regular basis.

Get Regular Medical Attention

Get into the habit of seeing a doctor as often as you need to. Never neglect a scheduled health care visit, and always follow a physician’s advice about your basic well-being. It pays to get frequent checkups because so many dangerous conditions can be treated if they’re caught in the early stages.