Phototherapy And Its Uses For Treating Skin Conditions

Phototherapy And Its Uses For Treating Skin Conditions | HealthSoul

Think about those early days of Spring when you are outside and first notice the feeling of the sun on your face and skin. It feels really good and rejuvenating after a long winter. It isn’t just the warmth. There is more at play here than just that.

Many of the different wavelengths of lights can have a medicinal effect on our skin. Nowadays, there is a treatment for many types of conditions called phototherapy that harnesses these wavelengths and helps heal patients.

In this article, we will go over how phototherapy is being used so you can see if your condition might be one that can be cured or treated using light.

1 – Herpes

When you have HSV-1 which is the type of herpes that comes in the form of cold sores on the lips and mouth area, sunlight can actually aggravate it. However, phototherapy using Luminance RED utilizes certain light wavelengths that actually will help get rid of the outbreak.

Unfortunately, there is no cure and you will always be at risk of outbreaks seemingly at random times. But with light therapy, you can get back to your normal routine very quickly as they will disappear soon after using an at-home phototherapy treatment.

Besides being embarassing, herpes cold sores can be painful and make eating difficult. Getting them under control quickly is best done with these lights that are easier to use than ointments.

2 – Psoriasis

Psoriasis sufferers usually need to take some steroids to get their condition under control. It is a very effective method since the cause is an overactive immune system. The problem is that there are a lot of side effects that come with steroids. Burning sensations, dryness and even thin skin are side effects that make it a very uncomfortable treatment for many people.

Fortunately, phototherapy is a very effective treatment that has none of those side effects. It can be either Ultraviolet B or Narrow Band UVB so that you aren’t at risk of developing skin cancer from the treatment.

3 – Acne

When you have a bad case of acne it can be very painful. And when it does finally go away you are usually left with scars. The treatment for it ranges but it mainly involves harsh chemicals that will kill the bacteria and keep it from coming back. Unfortunately, this is also painful as it dries the skin out while getting rid of the blemishes.

Phototherapy is a very good alternative that is painless and fast when getting rid of a bad case of acne.

4 – Eczema

Another uncomfortable skin condition is eczema. The itchiness can drive people mad and it usually makes it even worse. Treatments range from steroid creams to wet wraps when the outbreak is severe.

Once again, using phototherapy is just as effective as any of the other at-home remedies that can be quite involved. This doesn’t mean you should go out for hours in the sun as that can make it worse. But using a special UV light treatment is the way to go.