Nursing Trends to Expect in 2022

Nursing Trends to Expect in 2022| HealthSoul

The demand for healthcare occupations keeps growing, with nursing shortage in particular being a dominant concern. Increased demand for care services, an aging population, combined with nurse burnout and retirement are some of the factors causing the short supply of nurses. So what can be expected in the months and years to come in regards to how care will be managed and delivered?

Rising Demand for Training and Higher Education

Updating nursing skills is essential to provide the best care possible to patients. As hospitals, clinics, and organizations struggle due to the shortage, it is imperative that staff training and education are not neglected. Setting the bar high for education and skills can enhance better patient outcomes. Therefore, appropriate training for each nursing role and placement must be emphasized so that the staff can fulfill their roles adequately.

Similarly, the demand for online education programs will increase. At the height of the pandemic, nursing schools turned to online classes to reduce the spread of the virus. This online trend is expected to continue in the months (and perhaps years) to come. The US had invested billions of dollars in educational technology such as virtual tutoring and online learning software in order to increase access to education. These investments are paying off not only during extraordinary times, but also in normal periods. Experts are also predicting an increase in online education programs.

For example, it is easy to enroll in online LPN programs for those who wish to start a career in nursing. Online courses and programs offer the flexibility of transitioning as well to fully-accredited degrees such as Registered Nursing (RN) or a Master’s of Science in Nursing (MSN). In other words, online learning offers many opportunities for students and those in employment to gain extra skills or complete additional degrees that will improve delivery of healthcare services.

More Home Healthcare Nurses Are Needed

Covid-19 is not the only factor that triggered an unexpected rise in home healthcare services for vulnerable patients at risk of medical complications. As the population ages, the demand for home care services is also rising. In addition, more seniors prefer to age in place and live independently. However, they are vulnerable to falls and injuries when living at home. While home modifications and technology can improve their safety, scheduled visits by nurses also help in coordinating health care and medical management.

If passed, the new bill Choose Home Care Act will expand the benefits offered by Medicare for home healthcare services. The bill was introduced to the Senate in July 2021 and went to the US House of Representatives in October 2021. The legislation aims to improve access to home health care after hospitalization by offering high-quality nursing services at home to qualified Medicare beneficiaries.

To ensure that care standards are met, training and education for healthcare workers will also increase in demand, while online degrees will be popular for those who want to get a foothold in the industry or are seeking to upgrade their skills.