Natural Treatment for Dental Health

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Dental problems are usually solved through surgical interventions. But, natural treatments can treat and cure several dental problems including dental infections and plaque development. The overall predominance of the dental problem is much higher and negatively affect mankind. Dental health preservation is important for general well being and to maintain the quality of life. Multiple microbial species, present in the oral cavity and metabolic functioning and pathological alteration due to intrinsic and extrinsic factors can cause changing of microbiomes of the oral cavity. The pathogenic oral biofilm attacks the supporting tissue of the tooth and destroys them. The pathogenic microbial growth in the oral cavity can also reach the main bloodstream and can cause atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, and stroke.

Natural Treatment for Dental Health

Why Natural treatments for dental health?

Natural treatments followed in the Ayurvedic medicinal system to maintain dental rather overall oral health is now revived. The natural treatment practices have scientific evidence in their mechanism, to improve dental health. Natural treatments consider individual factors as well as climatic changes to have an impact on dental health. Depending upon this consideration, different natural treatments are designed.

Chlorhexidine is an antiseptic, and antibiotics such as tetracycline and metronidazole are the most conventional treatments for dental problems. However, the side effect burden due to the long-term use restricts the application of these medicines. Currently, natural treatment for dental health is considered as alternatives of the conventional medicine. Different research assessments found that different natural treatments have promising result in dental care by preventing and improving dental health. Some of the natural ingredients have strong antibacterial effects with low side effect burden. The health benefits ratio of the natural treatment is high in comparison to long-term risk. These benefits influence to launch natural treatments against dental diseases.

Natural treatment for dental health

There are different natural treatment measures applicable to maintain dental health by preventing dental problems and improving overall oral health, some of these are discussed below:

Natural Treatment for Dental Health

Chewing sticks

In Ayurvedic medicinal system chewing sticks of herbal stems is a practice of tooth brushing. Ayurveda recommended to practice chewing sticks at every morning and even after every meal. The fresh stem of Azadiraxhta indica (Neem) is a popular chewing stick even at present era in different Indian villages. According to the traditional medicinal system, regular chewing of stems can prevent dental attrition and also flatten the biting surface. This process can also facilitate salivary secretion and may control plaque formation. In addition, some of the herbal stems also have an anti-bacterial action. The researchers also considered chewing neem sticks are effective to prevent dental caries in the pediatric population. Not only Neem stick, but the natural therapists also evaluated the individual factors.

• Patients who have sensory issues in the tooth due to neurological problems need to chew sticks of liquorice or black catechu stems. These herbal stems have astringent property.

•  Terminalia arjuna and Azadiraxhta indica stems are specifically prescribed for individuals having metabolic and digestive ill health related to dental problems. These herbal stems have bitter property, which improves overall oral health.

•  Pale and hypertrophic gums due to lubrication problems can be solved by prescribing stems of Caesalipinia bonduc ( fever nut) and Calotropis procera (milkweed plant) for the chewing purpose, as these herbs have a pungent taste.

Oil pulling

Oil pulling is a natural treatment procedure comes under Complementary and Alternative Medicine. In this process, oil swishes in the mouth for improving overall oral health and systemic health. Sesame oil extracted from Sesamum indicum seeds are specifically used for oil pulling. However, the benefit of sesame oil is not only restricted in the oral cavity, but nutritional benefits improve overall health condition. Sunflower oil can also be used in oil pulling.

Oil pulling is usually prescribed for the oral cleansing purpose, especially in case of mouth ulcer, when brushing is strictly restricted. Oil pulling is effective to treat bad breath, loss of taste, sore throat, improve mouth freshness. However, due to its systemic benefits, oil pulling is also recommended in fever and indigestion problem and helps to reduce dry face, dull senses, exhaustion, anorexia, sore throat, and other metabolic and digestive disorders. Overall the oil pulling acts as a powerful detoxifying technique.

A randomized clinical trial conducted to check the oil pulling with sesame oil on plaque-induced gingivitis showed that the therapy is useful to reduce the plaque index and microbial growth and better outcome in gingival scores.

Tissue regeneration Therapy

Tissue regeneration by using some plant fruits like Indian gooseberry or amla (Phyllanthus emblica), is effective to re-build tissue and support the healing process and connective tissue development in the oral cavity and dental structures. Oral administration of this fruit can also improve the gum health. Moreover, Bilberry fruit and hawthorn berry strengthen gum tissue.

Treatment for dental caries 

Microbial growth specifically Streptococcus sanguinis is responsible for dental plaque formation. This bacteria also produces an insoluble layer of glucans on the tooth surface and its acidogenic property also responsible for dental caries. Water extract of Sicilian sumac (Rhus coriaria) herb inhibits the formation of bacterial biofilm on the tooth surface and prevent dental caries. Animal studies showed that Rheum undulatum and buckwheat (Polygonum cuspidatum) herbal preparations can significantly suppress the production of acid and insoluble glucan and provide the anti-cariogenic effect.

Gingivitis and periodontitis treatment

Gingivitis and periodontitis, both are gum problems. Swelling of gum is termed as gingivitis while periodontitis is a type of gum problem. Streptococcus sanguis and Streptococcus mitis are two microorganisms responsible for the development of non-calcied biofilm mass formation on the gum and deteriorate the dental health. Mouth-rinse prepared by pomegranate and chamomile herbal extract can reduce the bleeding gum problem. Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and immunoregulatory properties of  Chamomile are effective to reduce the sign and symptoms of dental problems. Whereas pomegranate has potent antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties to fight against gum inflammation, both treat moderate periodontitis. Chamomile also reduces the signs and symptoms of dental problems.

Prevention of biofilm, inhibition of inflammatory mediators such as interleukins 6 and interleukins 8 secretions, wound healing properties of Rokumigan, Japanese traditional medicine is very promising to treat moderate periodontitis.

Dental infections

It is already mentioned that a variety of microbiome is present in the oral cavity. Teeth and gums are the very favorable habitat of these microorganisms. Streptococcus mutans and Streptococcus salivarius causing dental infection can be treatable with clove and gallnut extracts due to their antibacterial activity. Herbs belonging to Plantago species, have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant activities and antiviral properties and can treat dental infections. Brazil is a native place of Baccharis dracunculifolia and using this herbal preparation reduces plaque formation.

Overall dental/oral health improvement

Multiple dental and associated oral conditions like a toothache, dental caries,  black tongue, gingivitis, ulcerative gingivitis, tonsillitis, mouth ulcers, swollen tonsil, and oral thrush affect our general well-being. There are multiple herbal ingredients like ginger (Zingiber officinalis ) contains many bioactive essential oils including zingiberene, bisabolene,  sesqui phellandrene etc. effective to relieve a toothache.Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globules) leaf extract has potent anti-cariogenic property and prevents dental caries. Herbal paste and mouthwash made with Aloe vera gel also prevent dental caries and periodontal diseases.

Clove (Syzygium aromaticum) oil has a potent anesthetic effect and the effect is comparable with benzocaine. Nowadays, doctors also used clove oil topically to treat pediatric dental pain. Different pharmaceutical company also manufacture clove oil dental formulations, including tincture, mouthwash, and lozenges which are easily available. Clove oil preparation is a cost-effective dental treatment option. Nevertheless, if you realise that your teeth condition is worsening, be sure to get yourself an appointment with the Dentist in Temple Terrace for some proper professional medical treatments