Most Common Injuries from A Trip and Fall

Most Common Injuries from A Trip and Fall | HealthSoul

No matter how minor you might imagine a trip and fall accident to be, it’s interesting to note that OSHA has determined that this type of accident result in over 700 fatalities every year and many more injuries in the workplace.

In most cases, trips take place when someone’s foot hits an object on the ground as they are moving forward and the momentum throws them off balance. They ten to happen when people are in a hurry and not paying attention to where they are going. The ensuing fall takes place because they have moved too far off their center of balance.

There are no formal requirements for workplaces to train employees and workers on how to avoid tripping, but people must recognize unsafe conditions and make every effort to evade them.

When does a trip and fall become a legal issue?

People trip to many places and for many different reasons. However, a trip and fall become a legal issue if it happens on another person’s property and that person has a legal responsibility to make sure it is safe. In order to have a case against them, you must prove that this person knew or should have known about the existence of this dangerous situation and made no effort to correct it. If it had been fixed, your injury would not have happened.

What are the most common injuries people suffer after they trip and fall?

From slippery floors to uneven ground and objects blocking the pathway, trip and falls are extremely common. And the injuries they cause go from the most insignificant to the most severe. Here is a list of the most common ones:

Torn Ligaments, Tendons or Muscles

This type of injury is generally the result of the person attempting to stop the fall and exerting themselves. They tend to be very painful and may require surgery and years of physical therapy. In the most extreme cases, patients may be unable to regain full mobility.

Leg or Arm Fractures

The force of the impact is so great that it breaks a bone either in a leg or arm. Older people tend to suffer many more limb fractures since their bones are much more brittle. In that age group, it’s quite common to see that a fracture leads to chronic pain and limited mobility, particularly if the break involves the hip or pelvis.

Injuries to Shoulder or Neck

Depending on the way you land, the force of the landing can be felt directly on your shoulder or neck. Neck injuries can have very dramatic and long-lasting consequences that may include spinal injuries and even paralysis.

Traumatic Brain Injury

If the person falling is unlucky enough to hit the ground with their head, they can suffer a traumatic brain injury. This can lead to devastating results for a person’s quality of life for a long period of time, if not permanently.

Get legal Help After a Trip and Fall

Suffering an injury due to a trip and fall accident is no joking matter. Even when the injury at first glance seems to be small, the damage that cannot be seen can be much greater. Working with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney will give you the opportunity to recover the damages you deserve. 1-800-Injured is an attorney and medical referral service.