Medical Spa Marketing: What Are the Best Promotional Strategies?

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Thinking Outside the Tanning Booth

Okay, the title is a little bit tongue-in-cheek; in many scenarios, the UV rays which come from tanning booths are not recommended by medical professionals. That said, such medical tech can have its uses. The point is, you don’t want to limit your thinking to traditional modes of medical spa marketing.

In this writing, we’re going to explore a few different sorts of med spa marketing best practices to help stimulate your imagination. The key to a successful medical marketing campaign for your spa has two prime attributes: it needs to be organically alluring, and it needs to be exceptionally visible. That can mean mixing marketing methods.

1. Mix Marketing: Use Digital and Non-Digital Means

Don’t restrict yourself to one family of marketing over another. Granted, today, you want to have a high degree in digital marketing. In all likelihood, though, there’s a small-time local print periodical that would give you a good deal on a half-page or even a full-page ad.

True, such publications are in diminution, but you want to be part of the local business group as possible. Certainly, online marketing tends to be the most affordable right now, but you do want to branch out.

2. Aim Promotional Options at Properly Influential Clientele

There’s likely a lady at the top of the social set in your community who hosts events on a regular basis. High society people always have little social cliques of this variety, and a medical spa can truly cater to their needs.

You might offer promotions for certain influential clientele locally. You can outsource beyond the community by working with online social media influencers as well.

Basically, giving a free promotional spa package to a high-profile, influential individual is a fine way to organically market what your medical spa does. The idea is to get them to lend their recommendation to your facility organically.

So by all means, if you go this route, give whoever receives the promotion your best possible service. However, you’re taking a bit of a chance here, so it may be worthwhile to wait until you’ve got a certain level of momentum before catering to an influential local group.

3. Offer Visible Philanthropic Provisions That Are Newsworthy

As a medical spa, there are services you provide which can be useful to the community. Some of the things you offer have notable therapeutic benefits. You might publicly offer your service to those in need at intervals.

When going this route, you’ve got two options. One, you can truly lean into altruism and say nothing of what you’ve done. This can collaterally result in high community regard, as you are seen to be authentic. Still, you can’t always trust that the word will get out that way. The other option is to issue press releases. You might even give some journalist at the local paper a coupon to cover such philanthropic provisions.

4. Lean Into SEO Solutions, Guest Blogs, and More On the Web

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is likely going to be one of your most lucrative outreach avenues. SEO defines marketing today. Everybody is on the internet, and over half of all internet use takes place on mobile devices like smartphones. SEO helps influence algorithms. Algorithms decide what results show up when someone does a search.

Strong SEO campaigns managed over months or years continuously expand your digital “footprint” online. The wider your digital footprint is, the higher on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) you’ll be listed. SEO helps facilitate such positive outcomes.

Guest blogs help expand your SEO. Basically, you write blogs featured on another’s website, and the blog has backlinks to your own website, social media account, or whatever is most relevant.

5. Don’t Neglect to Use Multiple Social Media Marketing Solutions

Social media, like SEO, can help increase your online visibility and popularity. It is still possible to go “viral” these days; though, admittedly, most curated platforms are not organic in terms of natural virality.

So use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, and all the popular sites. These will help you be more visible, and build a following. Different social media sites will be more or less appropriate for different outreach tactics.

For example, you might want to use Twitter for direct customer engagement, as responses will necessarily be truncated by the character count. Facebook is for visibility, and providing insight into your brand, YouTube is more for visual marketing directly; you get the idea.

Enhancing the Visibility of Your Medical Spa

Utilize social media, lean into SEO, delve into community philanthropy, court local influencers (and non-local influencers) who may draw business to you, and be sure you aren’t only using one avenue of marketing; digital and “physical” approaches have their place. Such tactics should help increase the visibility and traffic of your medical spa.