Kratom Samples As Herbal Supplement: Are They Worth A Try?

Kratom Samples As Herbal Supplement | HealthSoul

Kratom has found its way into the modern world as a supplement possibly responsible for the current good condition of people consuming it. Kratom is a plant from the Mitragyna speciosa tree native to southeast Asia. Historically, it’s been used as herbal medicine in Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia, and the leaves are traditionally being chewed or brewed as a tea. But with the speculations surrounding it, is kratom worth trying?

Why The Attention On Kratom

The effects of kratom vary as some would testify to its stimulant effects or as one similar to opiates. On higher doses, it also acts as a sedative.

Kratom is also reportedly the substance responsible for getting addicts off drugs. Two of them are Bobby DiBernardo, and Faith Day, claiming kratom got them off substance abuse. DiBernardo mixed the powder into a glass of water and said it got him off alcohol, heroin, and oxycodone. Day found hers at a headshop and took only two weeks to get off another dangerous drug.

Kratom contains dozens of components which make it difficult to categorize under one type of drug. Two of the primary chemicals are 7-hydroxy mitragynine and mitragynine. Both chemicals have a strong influence on the opioid receptors widely distributed along with the central nervous system.

Kratom is commonly available at headshops, gas stations, and online shops in some states. Interested potential customers can also source free kratom samples from online stores who’d like to try them. You can get three powder samples in sachets that’ll allow you to test them in small doses, so you can safely try and experience its effects.

Problems With Kratom

According to medical doctors and experts, the therapeutic and pharmacologic evidence on the effects of kratom heavily relies on anecdotal experiences. David Kroll, a natural products pharmacologist, has once contributed to Forbes Magazine about kratom’s benefits and risks. After receiving over 200 messages on kratom and its positive health effects, he mentioned four people who warned about the dependency they’ve experienced with the substance, given the fact it’s also readily available from specific places.

Kroll also noted senders admitting to using more than 10 times the recommended use of kratom powder for medical purposes such as treating pain. While individuals claim it helps them recover from addiction, the pharmacology on the alkaloids it contains might also get them addicted to kratom itself. And because people can easily acquire them, the possibility of substance abuse is even higher.

Harvard Health published a piece on kratom through contributor Dr. Peter Grinspoon in 2019, who stated tachycardia, vomiting, agitation, and confusion are among its side effects. Usage might also cause cardiac arrest and respiratory ailments.

Is Kratom Worth The Risk?

The consumption of kratom is still under investigation and studies are being conducted as of late. While users have positive experiences, some have expressed their warnings. It’d only mean its effects can vary from person to person, so it’s important to note personal safety should be a priority. Here are ways to protect yourself from false claims:

  • Educate yourself

It’s essential to find out more about a drug and research its pros and cons before using it. There are considerations you must make before buying it since there are different types of kratom strains. Question if the sources are licensed and if the price is on par with the quality of the product.

  • Look for evidence

Even the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can accept a substance like cannabidiol (CBD), a hemp derivative, working against seizures, and a drug was produced to help treat childhood epilepsy. This means there must be more evidence about kratom to be uncovered to help with health issues users claim.

  • Proper administration

Those who want to try the drug should be aware of the correct dosages to take before ingesting or drinking kratom. They must also be sure of the sources because there may be producers of kratom supplements who’d care less about contamination.

Kratom can be another beneficial supplement for the masses if doctors, scientists, and specialists could find a way to bring out more positive light in the substance.


Kratom has been used as a medicine during ancient times. And while many users can attest to its usefulness, you need to be aware there’s a chance its effects will vary. Therefore, the best way to keep your health safe is to educate yourself with whatever substance you may be interested in to avoid casualties. Do further research is needed to tell if it’s worth the risk. After all, it’s your health you’re putting on the line.