Famously nicknamed the “land of the sleeping giant” owing to the spectacular mountain traprock, Hamden is a sleepy little town in Connecticut’s New Haven County. But like other regions in the state, Hamden has recently seen its fair share of the pandemic-related struggle.

Therefore, in light of these developments over the last couple of years, COVID-19 treatment Hamden CT, has been made easily available to all town residents. Locals of all ages can get tested for the virus and receive the best possible treatment if their results show signs of infection.

Hamden residents who have not yet decided whether or not to opt for the test and how to go about it will find the following information very helpful. It is a list of must-ask questions that can make things much more manageable.

What Types of COVID-19 Tests are Available in Hamden?

There are three significant types of tests that can tell whether or not you have the coronavirus. Many Hamden facilities offer at least one of these tests, while others offer two or three. Here’s what they are:

  • Rapid tests As the name suggests, this is a quick antigen test that can give accurate results in a very short time.
  • PCR tests The Polymerase Chain Reaction test is considered the most accurate and usually takes a day to generate results.
  • Antibody tests This method tests for specific antibodies in the system that can indicate signs of infection.

Where to Get the Tests Done?

Before residents can get COVID-19 treatment at Hamden, CT, they need to get tested for the virus to confirm whether or not they carry the infection. This can be done at several official centers and medical establishments throughout Hamden. In fact, some facilities test for the virus and offer treatment.

For instance, reliable Hamden medical establishments treat residents for sleep disorders, allergies, pneumonia, and various other ailments. Moreover, they provide a range of other blood, tissue, and necessary tests, in addition to treating people for a vast range of chronic conditions. Ideally, it is best to find a local facility that enables you to book tests on their official website rather than make a physical visit to their medical base.

What are the Charges?

Several folks can avail of the COVID-19 test in Hamden for free, provided they have enrolled in specific Connecticut health plans. This applies even to uninsured locals in the region.

That being said, some amount of money will be charged for Hamden residents who wish to get tested but do not have any symptoms of the disease. They may also have to pay if they do not possess doctor’s orders for a test or reside in an area where the local health authorities have asked everyone to get tested mandatorily. It is prudent to speak with your local insurance agency for better clarity.

Should Everyone Get Tested?

Hamden authorities very recommend that residents opt for the COVID-19 test only if their symptoms are severe or if they have physically touched someone with the infection. Otherwise, they claim that self-isolation with the proper medication is the only thing needed to get better.

First responders and other healthcare professionals in Hamden regularly take the tests to ensure they remain infection-free to treat others in the region.