Keeping Bacteria Out

Keeping Bacteria Out | HealthSoul

In these trying times, where germs and bacteria aren’t just the invisible enemy but are everywhere, our homes are supposed to be our haven – the one place where our families and we are protected and secured.

Our health has never been more threatened, and we need to protect it in every possible way. So here are a few tips and guides on the essentials to keeping a clean and safe home.

Breathe Clean to Breathe Easy: Keep Your Air Clean

With news that the Coronavirus could be airborne, clean air is more essential than ever. Proper ventilation is a must, and you should always try to find ways to create appropriate airflow within your home. Not just to protect you, but in this mask-required world, breathing in some fresh air will make both your body, mind, and soul sound.

Another avenue we believe you should explore would be to look into air purifiers. They’re a great way to make sure the air in your homes are clean as can be, and with the advent of advanced technology, they aren’t just practical, they’re both quiet and well designed, allowing them to be integrated into any home, no matter the décor or style.

Some examples of the perfect marriage of fantastic results and well thought out design would be RabbitAir MinusA2 SPA 700A and Coway AP – 1512HH Air Purifier. Though their names can be intimidating, don’t let that deter you from looking into them. A great place to start looking at your options would be here:

Don’t Let the Bad In – Germs and Habits.

Another thing you can do would be to keep the germs from the outside, well, outside.

The simplest solution would be to, of course, regularly clean one of the most active, germ attracting points in our body – our hands. Just wash your hands frequently, and it will go a long way.

You can also keep your shoes outside or by your home’s entrance – it is vital not to put them anywhere inside your house. You never know what you can accidentally bring in with your shoes, and they’re not as easy to wash as your hands, so it’s best to keep them in a designated area.

Disinfect regularly touched surfaces as well, especially the doorknobs of your home’s entrance and other regularly used entry points. Take it a step further, and make sure to wipe down all the surfaces in your house periodically.

Our best suggestion would be to turn this into a routine you can practice every day.

It also helps to start doing habits that help out your body’s immune system.

Keep The Kitchen Clean!

One of the dirtiest places in any home, even before the pandemic, is the kitchen. You want to keep your house clean and safe?

Keep the kitchen clean then!

Simple kitchen habits can go a long way. Wash your hands before doing anything, make sure your sponges are clean (since they can quickly accumulate mold and germs), use different cutting boards for different kinds of ingredients – try to keep separate the ones you use for raw meats – and make sure to disinfect everything regularly.

Treat your kitchen as a restaurant would: as their temple, and be frequently judged to the highest cleanliness standards.

Do that, and you’ll be gold.

In The End

These are just some of the ways you can keep your home safe, healthy, and clean. These days, we can never be too careful, so it’s best to get ahead of things by developing good habits and investing in something that can enhance your home’s safety (and even aesthetic!) such as good quiet, air purifiers.

Stay clean to stay safe today.