IVF – An Advanced Medical Methodology that Brings Joy in Every Family

IVF - An Advanced Medical Methodology that Brings Joy in Every Family | HealthSoul

IVF is a method in which eggs are removed from the ovaries and combined with sperm cells in a particular clinical setting, and then transferred to the uterus to grow into babies. IVF may be an option for women who are having difficulties conceiving due to infertility or other reproductive abnormalities. There are several advantages of IVF, and you will notice that the multiple advantages make it an option that you should consider.

Life’s miracles are very amazing to witness, and most couples fantasize about the day when they will welcome a child into the world. However, some couples realize that their attempts to conceive fail. This fantasy swiftly evolves into sorrow and frustration. If you are one of the couples caught in this situation, don’t give up because various clinics provide IVF facilities.

The San Diego Fertility Center is dedicated to providing personalized fertility treatment. Dr. Minoos Hosseinzadeh initiated this process to provide happiness to every family. Dr. Hosseinzadeh and her staff are passionate about their work. The team considers itself extremely fortunate to be able to make a difference for their patients and to help bring new life into the world. They were the first clinic in San Diego to have a modern ultrasound machine.

Amazing things are happening in the medical world. This means your chances of becoming pregnant are higher than ever if you choose options like IVF. If you are thinking about trying out these medical options, you might be wondering what the dangers and drawbacks are. We have gathered a few benefits of IVF that can help infertile couples to make a firm decision –

  • Many couples undergo various treatments like artificial insemination, fertility medications, etc. before undergoing the IVF treatment. However, doctors recommend IVF treatment because it has always given positive results and it saves time for couples who have advanced maternal age.
  • IVF can be used by any female apart from the mother. Today most clinics get transgender, surrogates, and LGBTQ citizens who undergo IVF for safe and fast pregnancy results.
  • Through IVF couples can also use donated eggs or sperm if any one of the spouses is incapable. In this case, the manually fertilized eggs are then inserted into the ovary, and thereby increasing the chance of conceiving in the first round.
  • IVF gives the ease of managing pregnancy at any time of life. The eggs will be frozen and stored in the clinic and can be used anytime when a couple thinks they are mentally ready for a baby (suitable for workaholic couples).
  • During IVF, preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) is used for genetic screening to ensure that the fetus used for IVF is healthy. This test is done if there is any family history or parents are suffering from any Down syndrome or disease.
  • By using PGT, pregnant women can save themselves from unwanted miscarriages. Mothers will have better fetuses and healthy pregnancies.

IVF can be used with other methods to ensure a positive result in the first attempt. No one should be deprived of a child since it is a wonderful experience. If you are facing difficulties in this area, you should realize that you simply live in a perfect period of advanced medical science. It is now easier for couples who are having difficulty conceiving to seek medical help and start a family.

Who is the right candidate for in vitro fertilization?

IVF may not work for all women. A few conditions could interfere with the success of IVF such as ovarian dysfunction, fibroid tumors, uterine abnormalities, and abnormal hormone levels. An ideal candidate is the one who:

  • Has The Tubes Blocked – Originally, in vitro fertilization was used for women with damaged, blocked, or absence of fallopian tubes. Many times blocked tubes are due to past surgeries or pelvic inflammatory disease. Women with tubal problems are quite satisfied with IVF.
  • Has Endometriosis – Women with endometriosis also have many adhesions and scar tissue around the fallopian tubes and ovaries, which makes it difficult for them to get pregnant.
  • Has Abnormal Ovulation Cycles Or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome – Due to hormonal imbalances, women suffering from PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome do not generate healthy eggs during the ovulation period. IVF helps to induce ovulation, releasing healthy eggs.
  • Has Unexplained Infertility – Couples who have difficulty in getting pregnant through the natural process can benefit from IVF.
  • Has Decreased Ovarian Reserve – With age, the quality of eggs reduces, making it difficult for women to get pregnant. Using donor eggs for IVF is a good option for women falling into this category.
  • Has Male Factor Infertility Issues – Lastly, if the woman cannot get pregnant due to male factor infertility like perm abnormality or low sperm count, then IVF procedure is a wise choice. Using intracytoplasmic sperm injection, one healthy sperm can fertilize the egg during the IVF procedure.

To conclude, if you are in doubt whether you are the right candidate or not for IVF, it is best to contact a good fertility clinic and find out.