Is Online Dating Good for Your Mental Health?

Is Online Dating Good for Your Mental Health | HealthSoul

An integral part and an essential component of human well-being is mental health. It is crucial to our collective and individual ability to think, show emotions, enjoy life, and communicate with other people. When emailing and chatting opportunities emerged, many feared that people would stop speaking in person soon. Fortunately, this did not happen.

Virtual communication has many advantages. Relatives and friends are able to keep in touch, and busy or shy people can find partners to socialize and even start a family. It is incredibly convenient that dating websites are now being replaced by similar mobile apps that are always at hand. New technologies have relieved people of the need to move around to meet Latina, European, or Asian brides in person.

A few years ago, searching for a couple on the Internet was considered a sign of social inadequacy. Users were often embarrassed to tell their closest people that they had met someone on a dating site. It was believed that normal and self-confident people had to meet in real life. Gradually, this stigma disappeared, and using dating sites is no more considered a shameful practice.

With the help of laptops and smartphones, we have access to countless contacts worldwide. Definitely, these apps make it faster and easier to find people we like. Online dating platforms are convenient, simple, and helpful to make the most incredible acquaintances using a few swipes. However, these websites and apps can cause a number of psychological problems for their users. So, before you go into the virtual world of new relationships, you should learn about the related pitfalls.

Dating Sites and Apps Can Cause Addiction

Five dating apps (Tinder, Match, Bumble, Plenty of Fish, and Zoosk) are consistently ranked among the most popular mobile apps in the US. These dating resources have made the process of meeting Latin American or Asian brides more convenient, but they also provoke an addiction. Online dating platforms work like slot machines in casinos to give users hope of meeting outstanding and beautiful persons. If it does not happen, users get a little positive reinforcement to keep looking for an ideal partner.

This process is unpredictable since we do not know who we will meet online. We only know that a charming stranger is hiding somewhere deep in the app. When single men pick up a smartphone and see pictures of pretty European or Asian mail order brides, they experience a surge of dopamine, the hormone of joy. In other words, dating apps use our biological weaknesses like drugs.

Dopamine is a powerful neurotransmitter, and it is related to our basic survival mechanisms. It is produced during natural and pleasant occupations like eating food or making love. Scientists argue that an expectation of pleasure can cause a release of dopamine. Like in the case of drugs, addiction becomes real trouble when it begins to threaten our current relationships with other people, work, education, and mental health.

Many people today claim that they have met each other on dating websites. But especially for young people, these online platforms can pose a threat to their social and psychological comfort. Like other social media platforms, dating apps train us to be impatient and receive everything at once. Instead of long and traditional courtship,

So, people get used to meeting a companion thanks to several swipes. Once getting an immediate reward online, the same behavior can be transferred to other areas of our lives. The team of the YourMailOrderBride site warns users about this and recommends using such online opportunities wisely.

Dating sites and apps can cause

Refusals Cause Mental Pain and Lower Self-Esteem

Virtual refusals and removals from the friends’ list can hurt and affect your self-esteem. About a third of dating site users never even met someone in person. At the same time, they experience the whole set of unpleasant impressions from multiple refusals and lack of reciprocity. A user can be really upset to find out that his profile has been blocked by an Asian mail order bride even after the first chat.

Such rejection and lack of reciprocity are painful not only metaphorically but really. It stimulates the same part of the brain, which is responsible for physical pain. We can state that it is difficult for our brain to distinguish a broken heart from a leg injury. Instead of one refusal at a bar on a Saturday night, dating services make us feel rejected multiple times daily and around the clock.

As a result of the online dating experience, users can feel unwanted and cast out. They begin to evaluate their appearance more critically when they compare themselves with other site participants. Some users may call into question their worth as individuals since they feel insecure and dissatisfied with their appearance.

Besides, many dating sites use bots since they are not interested in the results, but in the process of providing such services. The experts of the YourMailOrderBride website can advise how to avoid this problem so that some bad experiences online will not affect your behavior during real-life meetings and communication.

Anonymity and Unfulfilled Expectations

Many users of online dating services hide under the guise of anonymity. They can cheat when they provide false personal information in their profiles, such as age, marital status, profession, hobbies, and intentions. After spending a long time communicating with a user online and seeing only the photo, you start to dream. An image of an ideal Latina or Asian wife is created in your mind, and you continue chatting online with this picture, not with a real person.

Also, people can reach the limits of their needs in communication in the virtual space. When they meet in person, they have nothing to say to each other. Even worth it, somebody may realize that another person is entirely different. Here, it does not matter whether the former online friend turned out to be better or worse in reality — just different.

In this case, you may have a feeling that your expectations have not been met. You do not know what to talk about and how to continue your acquaintance. So, the YourMailOrderBride team is ready to help users cope with problems not only for icebreaking but also during live communication after meeting online.


Despite the apparent simplicity and convenience of online dating, you need to consider its possible harm to your mental state. Bad experiences on dating websites and apps can produce negative emotions and reduce the skill of socialization. Also, excessive use of dating sites can create difficulties in other areas of your life. In this case, this is a good reason to think about the advisability of further meetings and communicating online. But other than that, there’s no reason to perceive dating online as something detrimental.