Is It Safe to Store Your Drinking Water in a Plastic Bottle?

Is It Safe to Store Your Drinking Water in a Plastic Bottle? | HealthSoul

Isn’t the sight of water just beautiful?

It’s alarming to realize that by drinking water, you could endanger your own body system. Say what? Yes! When you drink water consistently out of a plastic bottle, you are indirectly causing harm to yourself, the environment and much more.

Here are 5 reasons to assure you of the need to dump that plastic bottle into the nearest trash can:

1. Plastic bottles lack sustainability

As a rule, when something is made of so much and contributes so little to the system it came out of, it is considered a loss; lacking in sustainability. This can be said of plastic bottles, which are manufactured using great amounts of fossil fuels. Still, after the water content has been exhausted, these bottles cannot be sufficiently biodegraded- and constitute a nuisance to our body systems by contributing to the emittance of greenhouse gases. Even when attempts are made at degrading them, the toxins from their degradation leach into the soil and watersheds, further polluting the environment. Not cool!

2. Bottled Water is Too Costly; Simply Not Worth Its Price

I know, it sounds like I’m building a mountain out of a molehill here, but please stay with my line of thought.

It is interesting to note that the label hastily placed around that plastic bottle of water you’re so fond of, tells you a lie. It might whisper peace across several oceans to your keen mind, but realize that this is only the power of advertisement at work! The water in that bottle could be far from pure, for all you know. Approximately 25-30% of the bottled water you drink is sourced from the tap!

Researchers who have taken the time to study samples of bottled water have discovered that these samples contain harmful substances like benzene, mold, and arsenic. Don’t be deceived, you might be paying so much money, for so little value.

3. Toxin Content of Bottled Water is at an All-Time High

There used to be this craze about the use of BPA in plastic bottles. Thankfully, many companies have taken to using BPA-free plastic; nonetheless, there are other chemicals in these plastics that stand the risk of seeping out of the bottles when they are left to stand for a long time, or when exposed to heat. It is still unclear how deep their effects on the human body are, but isn’t it better to be safe than to be sorry?

4. Better Alternative Around: Healthy Human Insulted Water Bottle  

In the interest of your body system and the planet earth, there are better alternatives to those plastic water bottles. You could get a reusable healthy human insulated water bottle in whatever design you want, for all your water needs.

5. The New Hallmark of Safe Drinking Water: Sustainability

If you love to drink water (as you should!), the point to be hammered on is sustainability. Supporting an excellent water source as well as a sustainable water reservoir such as a reusable water bottle is the new hallmark of safe drinking water. You would also be saving a lot more money by getting a cool water bottle in your specific color and design.

Wrapping Things UP

See why you need to ditch that disposable water bottle? You can totally do better.

It helps you live healthier, save more money and do something good for your planet (talk about global sustainability options).

The first step in the right direction is buying that fancy reusable stainless steel water bottle. Be that cool person!

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