Interesting blogs about health that you can read easily

Interesting blogs about health that you can read easily | HealthSoul

To begin our discussion, let us clarify what it takes to launch an interesting blog about health that would be easy yet engaging to read.

First of all, any well-written text, no matter what topic it covers, requires to follow some general guidelines like the structure, vocabulary and abundance of interesting arguments on the subject of the text. This is no secret for anyone. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. The thing is that even if one is fully aware of all these requirements, it is far from easy to put all of the elements together. For this reason, let us move step by step to get a clear take on this matter.

Some basic things that would make a great blog about health

It would probably be right to start with a disclaimer that writing a blog about health is something where the tone of your content matters. Even though it may sound weird, it is true. For example, with everything going on in terms of the “obesity vs body-positive” discourse, it is really important to stay away from any kind of persuasiveness and the skinny model`s standards. You have to stay as neutral as possible. Otherwise, you will be getting tons of negative feedback from your subscribers and, before you know it, your blog will go to the bottom of any chart, no matter how hard you work on it in terms of SMM and SEO. Most of the industry does right now to keep this neutral position in terms of a healthy lifestyle because they stop denying the eventual “guilty pleasures”, cheat meals, the importance of following your body cravings, etc.

Let us take a small flashback to some glamorous magazines of the early 2000s. Everyone was obsessed with skinny models’ looks, diets, exhausting gym classes, and ruining our bodies wanting so badly to look so unnaturally thin. Meanwhile, those models we used to be obsessed with would share some of their favorite meals like a cucumber-celery salad dressed with lemon juice saying that this is the only thing they eat in a day. Yet away from the public they would suffer from so many health issues because of those ridiculous diets. What made the situation even more horrifying was that along with the professional models, the same issues were often faced by the regular girls who would look at the photoshopped pics of the people in the magazines and starve and hate themselves for not being as perfect as those smiling models and actors. For this reason, the public is now rather sensitive about this topic.

Besides, it is also a step forward in terms of the honesty between the authors and their audience, which is always a bonus. It is important to define that nobody is perfect so that your audience would not feel guilty for, let’s say, not going for a morning run every day and skipping on having a glass of celery juice for breakfast afterward. Let us never forget that the most important thing about a healthy lifestyle is not pressuring, but feeling happy and balanced.

The structure of the blog

Most of the time the blogs about health are covering 4 main aspects of a healthy lifestyle (sports, food, beauty, and well-being), whereas the SEO and SMM tools are used accordingly. This division is also very important in terms of sorting out your content, as well as all the possible paid promotions on your blog. Besides, one must never forget that all the people are different and some will be interested only in the sports section, others — in food, and all the rest would crave for all kinds of information. For this reason, it is vital for your content to vary and cover as many topics and areas as possible. Our tip for you is to study well-known blogs and try sending posts to other medical blogs to widen your audience.

Of course, when choosing the topics to include in your content plan, there are few things to pay attention to. They may seem obvious to our knowledgeable readers, yet we would still like to mention them once again just to make sure that we all are on the same page in this matter.

First of all, one must never forget to analyze the market before creating and releasing anything. When we are talking about blogs, this means that one must do a thorough research of both the most popular blogs of your area and the most frequent search requests from your potential audience. You have to figure two main features:

  • the “basic” information your blog has to offer, just to stay on the same level with all the similar blogs on the market;
  • add the content your audience would crave, yet no one else makes.

For example, every single health blog has already posted tons of content about the daily morning meditations during the lockdown, yet only some of them mentioned the importance of regular meditations in terms of mental health during our unstable times.

SEO skills are one of the keys to a successful blog about anything

Of course, it is not a secret for anyone that not only the cool content makes a digital product successful in its niche, but the tools of SMM and SEO in the right and experienced hands.

For this reason, releasing any kind of blog requires a relevant knowledge base, especially if you have no background in the digital area.

Besides, you also have to get ready that gaining the audience of your health blog and some decent level of popularity can take a lot of time and hard work, especially if this is your first experience with releasing a blog.

You will find a lot of useful information about the SEO tools on the Moz blog. They regularly publish a lot of incredible life-hacks, tutorials, and many other things that will make your digital life a lot easier.

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