How Travel Insurance Cover can be an Indispensable Companion

How Travel Insurance Cover can be an Indispensable Companion | HealthSoul

Travel Insurance is a Must-Have

Every travel experience is unique. It’s the culmination of sights, sounds, flavors, your impressions of people you interact with, the outcomes of those interactions, especially during business trips, and a lot more. Nevertheless, whether you travel with family and friends or business associates or alone, no matter what age you are and irrespective of which destination or season you choose, travel insurance is a travel companion that must accompany you. This simple travel foresight could ensure that you sail through any unforeseen eventualities you meet while you are away from home.

Wide Umbrella

Travel Insurance does more than cover unforeseen medical treatment as a result of accidents and specified illnesses, while you are on a trip. In addition to hospitalization expenses, as well as outpatient medical treatment, with some nominal deductibles, it covers non-medical benefits, like loss of checked-in baggage, loss of passport, trip delay, trip cancellation and interruption, third party liability for property and personal damages, personal accident, delay of checked-in baggage, etc. Some companies offer pre-existing disease cover in life-threatening conditions. If you shop around a little, you will also find policies that cover emergency dental expenses, medical evacuation, and repatriation of mortal remains.

Sometimes Mandatory

In some cases, medical insurance is a mandatory prerequisite for entry into a country. For instance, a certain minimum medical insurance is a prerequisite for the visa into the Schengen Area and must be purchased only from a list of approved insurers issued by Schengen authorities. Medical insurance is also mandatory for foreign students in certain countries, like the United States.

Always Necessary

Even if medical insurance is not mandatory in the country to which you wish to travel, it still makes good sense to purchase travel insurance in India. Medical treatment outside India is extremely expensive and medical insurance premiums abroad could be three times more costly than on similar policies available in India. An added advantage of purchasing insurance in India is that it becomes effective from the moment you commence your journey, as opposed to buying insurance abroad, which covers you only from the time you have purchased the policy at the respective destination.

Additional Comforts

While you are far from home, it’s nice to know that you will receive special treatment if things don’t go as planned. Some insurers ensure that you enjoy small comforts when you need them the most. For instance, if you explore the market, you could find travel plans that double your sum assured in case you are hospitalized due to an accident, fund the airfare of a family member who flies in to nurse you back to health, pay for your minor child’s journey home if you are hospitalized, upgrade you to business class when you are injured or unwell, and much more, in keeping with conditions specified in your policy.

Small Price to Pay

They say travel is the only expense that makes one richer. And, travel insurance is the worthy companion that allows you to enjoy your journey, despite potholes that you may come across on the road.