How to Take Care of Your Eyelashes in Five Steps

How to Take Care of Your Eyelashes in Five Steps | HealthSoul

How do you treat your eyelashes? If your answer is confusing, then you should know that it takes a bit of effort and time to guarantee happy and healthy lashes. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to help you take care of your eyelashes:

#1: Always Use Good Quality Mascara

When it comes to using cosmetic products on your skin, it is wise that you use less chemical/harmful products. For your mascara, you should skip on the waterproof mascara. It is not a good practice to wear mascara on your eyelashes all day long. It is recommended to use waterproof mascara when you are going out for swimming, or it’s raining outside. For everyday usage, you should invest in a good quality mascara without long-wear formulas to ensure the health of your eyelashes. You can also look for mascara options made with natural or organic ingredients. They are usually more pigmented, nourishing, and hydrating for your eyelashes.

#2: Wipe off Mascara Every Day

Sleeping or going to your bed with makeup on is such an unhealthy practice. It can be harmful and irritating with your eyes when you sleep with your mascara on. You should never do that; you’re messing up your eyelashes growth and clogging the pores. Develop a habit to put mascara on when it’s needed. Don’t wear mascara when you’re home or not expecting to meet anyone. When you’re home at night, remove your mascara daily before you’re off to bed. Remember, the eyelashes are made of hair, so let those breaths.

#3: Cleanse with Care

Once you’re on this step of washing and cleansing your eyelashes, it is vital that you do it with care and gentle fingers. When wiping off mascara, don’t put too much of the pressure from your hands. You can use makeup wipes or makeup cleaning remover to clean the mascara from your eyelashes. If you’re looking for a more natural solution, it is ideal if you use glycerin, cleansing milk, and petroleum jelly. You can take a small amount of any of these and slightly rub it with your fingers on your eyelashes and lash line. Do it twice and then wash off with water for proper cleaning.

#4: Condition Your Lashes

If you want to maintain the thickness and growth of your eyelashes, then it is a must that you treat your eyelashes well. In the fourth step, condition your eyelashes a bit. You can easily find a lot of balms, oils, serums, and mists to condition or moisturize your lash line and eyelashes. Apply conditioning products before bed every night to gain healthy, strong, and long eyelashes.

#5: Avoid Eyelash Extensions & False Lashes

Lastly, but most importantly, it is sensible on your end to stay away from harmful options, such as putting fake lashes and getting eyelash extensions. It is suitable that you opt for natural alternatives to make your eyelashes look great, and your eyes look big or open. For instance, you can use bimatoprost eyelash serum to make your eyelashes thicker, fuller, longer, darker, and nice-looking. Eyelash enhancer serums are more safe options to speed the growth of your eyelash hair