How to Take Care of Your Ears

How to take care of your ears | HealthSoul

Ears are delicate organs and they need to be taken care of. A strain on your hearing can be a constant source of inconvenience. Poor hearing can deter simple everyday tasks such as enjoying a conversation or listening to music.

Your ears are used all the time, and so their care is a lifelong process. You might not notice it at a younger age, but if ears are treated poorly, you will start noticing problems as you age. Unfortunately, hearing loss is permanent, so it is better to maintain good practices when it comes to your hearing. Here are some tips to help you protect and care for your ears and hearing.

Protect your ears from loud noises

Your hearing can be affected by exposure to loud noises. People working in professions prone to dangerous levels of noise such as construction workers, musicians and others are more at risk of losing their hearing. However, it is easy to block loud noises using earplugs. Musicians usually wear custom earplugs that filter out harmful sounds but still allow conversations and music to pass through.Even if you’re not exposed to loud noises on your

job regularly, it is recommended that you wear earplugs if you go to a place with noises such as concerts or construction sites, even if the visit is for a few hours.

Lower the volume

The World Health Organization projected that around 1.1 billion people are at a risk of hearing loss. One of the main causes behind this statistic is people listening to music and other audio at high volumes on their personal devices. There is a popular rule called the 60/60 rule that can be followed, which consists of listening to the audio at a volume level that is no more than 60%, for no longer than 60 minutes. This time limit might not be possible for many, so it is generally recommended that you have the volume at the lowest possible level, especially when using earphones or headphones. Even when playing music out loud in a car, or during a party or at home, it is best to not have the volume too loud so that you can converse without shouting.

Avoid using cotton swabs

Many people have the habit of using cotton swabs to clean out the wax that builds up in the ear canal, but this is not good practice, as inserting anything inside ear canals can potentially damage sensitive organs like the eardrum. A small amount of wax in your ears is normal and it serves the important function of preventing dust and other particles from entering the canal.

Just like other parts of your body, getting your ears periodically checked by a doctor is important. You can get a hearing test and learn more about ear health at various clinics such as the Acoustic Hearing Clinics. If your ears have suffered damage, consult a doctor and follow their advice, including taking any medications prescribed. If your hearing gets damaged, it almost always doesn’t get better. Preventive care is the method to choose when it comes to your ears.