How To Stay Active While Working In An Office

How to stay active while working in an office | HealthSoul

As we continue to realize how dangerous sitting is for your health, the slogan “smoking is the new smoking” has been thrown about by specialists. However, it is a serious warning that you should take seriously. To counterbalance the harm that sitting can cause to your body, you must stay active at your desk and throughout the day.

It’s not impossible to be active at a desk job. It’s a massive craze right now, with a slew of devices and weird gadgets aimed at helping office workers remain in shape without ever leaving their desks. Continue reading to learn how to keep in shape while still getting stuff done.

Tips For Staying Active

Sedentary lifestyles are prevalent, but they are hurting health and productivity. Our bodies are designed to move and be active regularly. It’s time to get moving in the office because too much sitting can lead to health problems. The World Health Organization even classifies inactivity as the fourth leading cause of adult mortality worldwide. Here are some suggestions for staying active while working in an office.

Use a Stand-Up Desk

Are you in need of a leg stretch? Working while standing and keeping your back straight is possible with a standing desk. The desk has movable legs with different height levels that fold when you’re seated and raise when you’re standing to bring your computer up to eye level. For desktop computers, there’s even a keyboard tray that can be pulled out.

Standing desks allow you to work in an upright position while also straining your bones, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments positively. Being upright also improves posture, pumps more blood to the heart, boosts lung ventilation, and burns more calories than sitting. These desks can also help with arthritis because the continuous movement keeps joints from stiffening and reduces overall joint pain.

Under Desk Elliptical

Cubii is your best bet if you want to burn calories while working in an office. It fits beneath your desk and offers various degrees of resistance as you bike your way to a leaner, healthier physique. The device is lightweight and has a convenient grip on top, making it easy to transport to different areas.

Not only does it burn calories, but it also improves circulation in your legs and keeps you slim and limber while sitting in your office chair for a lengthy period. You may also enhance the effectiveness of your cubii by comparing cubii vs cubbi pro. The pro version may be the ideal answer for staying active at work while multitasking.

Have Standing Or Walking Meetings

We’ve all been in meetings that lasted an hour but could have been completed in 15 minutes. Consider holding a regular meeting. According to research, this is an intelligent method to boost productivity, ensure that things don’t drag on unnecessarily, and get you out of your chair.

A walking meeting can be a terrific method to get things done while getting some exercise for smaller groups or one-on-one. A change of scenery and pace can also assist in relieving tensions and stimulate greater creativity and open-ended dialogue.

Use Technology To Your Advantage

One of the most recent developments in standard fitness technology is digital pedometers or activity trackers that sync updates to your smartphone. Steps, heart rate, and calories burnt are all counted by the trackers. If you don’t want to invest in a wearable, dozens of free smartphone apps can track your steps while you have your phone with you.

Subtle Stretches At Your Desk

Rather than waste time surfing on your phone after a couple of hours bent over your desk, take five minutes to stretch the tensions of prolonged sitting. Even if it’s only for a few minutes, stretch. It relaxes your parasympathetic nervous system, which is:

  • In charge of controlling your stress hormones by releasing tight muscles
  • Encouraging blood flow
  • Calming your parasympathetic nervous system.

Drink Lots Of Fluids

We all know we should drink 8 to 18 glasses of water every day, but did you realize that filling up your water bottle can also keep you active? To add some more steps to your stagnant day, take a break from work and stroll to the refill station or water fountain. When it comes to achieving your objectives, every step counts.

Furthermore, water keeps you alert, hydrated, and full, so you don’t get hungry at 11 a.m. Green tea, a cold-busting immunity booster, is a healthier substitute for diet soda and afternoon coffee.

You want to be in shape, but your workout time is severely hampered by long office hours. If you’re going to lose a few pounds or keep in shape, don’t worry; the following recommendations are simple office stretches and exercises that can assist.